Upgrade System (Tome of Knowledge)

Tome of Knowledge

Equipment (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories) can be modified using the ‘Tome of Knowledge’ at the Library in Eltheca(Lobby).
Usually each costume piece / accessory can have 2 modifications while weapons have 6 modification count. These upgrades vary by the type of the item.

  • Equipment (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories) can be upgraded inside the Library through the ‘Equipment Upgrade’ object. There is a set number of times you can upgrade an equipment.
  • The following can be upgraded and each upgrade costs CP.
    • Stat Increase (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories)
    • Open locked Karma Crystal slot (Weapon)
    • Open Sub Karma Crystal slot (Weapon)
    • Increase AP Gain (Weapon)
    • Dye (Weapon, Outfit, and accessories, not limited to upgrade limit and depends on the number of dyes you possess)

Modification Count / Costs

For weapons the max modification you can do is 6, while accessories(except undergarments) have only 2 modification count for upgrades.
You can Upgrade Performance twice to reach 3 star.
You can unlock Karma Crystal Slots twice to reach 3 main skill slots.

Chase Points(CP) costs for modifications:

  • 1st modification costs 672 CP
  • 2nd modification costs 1080 CP
  • 3rd modification costs 1344 CP
  • 4th modification costs 1680 CP
  • 5th modification costs 2016 CP