Rebirth System

Rebirth System in KurtzPel lets you change your character’s appearance, personality, base stats. Every aspect of your character can be changed with a Rebirth Ticket, which you can buy for $9.99 on Steam.

Rebirth also unlocks various new hairstyles and customization features, only available through rebirthing.

The Rebirth system allows you to change your basic character traits/stats, you can re-allocate the default 5 points, lowest number is 3 and highest you can go is 6 in one stat.

What benefits does each stat give?

  • Strength(STR) – on each point invested
    • 5 Max Stamina, 1.2 Stamina Regen/sec, 20% Action Endurance, 1.66% Physical Defense, 2% Movement Speed, Physical Attack Multiplier
  • Agility(AGI) – on each point invested
    • 1.66% Physical Defense, 2.5% Action Speed, 2% Movement Speed, Phys Attack Multiplier
  • Intelligence(INT) – on each point invested
    • 20 Max Mana, 10% Spell Endurance, 1.66% Magic Defense, 2.5% Cast Speed, Magic Attack Multiplier
  • Wisdom(WIS) – on each point invested
    • 10 Max Mana, 10 Max Stamina, 0.60 Stamina Regen/sec, 48 HP Regen/sec, 20% Spell Endurance, 10% Action Endurance, 3.33% Magic Defense, 1.66% Physical Defense, Magic Attack Multiplier
  • Health Points(HP) – on each point invested
    • 48 HP Regen/sec, 2400 Max HP