Lobby & Mission System

Eldeka – Mission Map – PvP / PvE – Rewards

After defeating the first introductionary story boss, you will find yourself in Eldeka. It’s the secret base of the Chase organization. It was created in effort to resist Bellatos. You can see other players, chat and have dance parties in here(for fun).

To join a mission you will have to find Ensher, she is the head of the chase and she stands next to the Mission Map, you can queue up for missions with the map.

  • There will be a total of 12 PVE missions including Single (Epic), and Multiplayer (Repeat). Total of 6 more missions from the previous Alpha build.
  • The mission order will be sorted daily and 2 Types of PVP and 3 Types of PVE will be shown in order.
  • Completed missions won’t be visible for a set duration and the next mission in order become visible.
  • Total amount of possible PVE missions will depend on the number of completed Epic Missions.
  • You can queue up to 5 missions at once.
  • Real Time (PVP & Repeatable PVE) missions will reward CP (In-Game Currency), AP (Mastery), and various items.
  • History Missions (Epic Single Mission) does not have any additional rewards other than AP.

Mission Types:

  • Epic/Repeat Mission (PVE) – Fight important enemies in the KurtzPel universe and discover the story of KurtzPel by interacting with Hero NPCs.
    Also, has a low chance to drop special reward (Accessories and etc.) and has multiple difficulties and provides challenges in PVE fashion.

    • If all party members get downed, the mission will fail!
  • Promotion Mission(PVP) 
    • Deathmatch (PVP) – Defeat your enemies and whoever scores more points will win.
    • Capture the Flag (PVP) – Acquire the Flag in the battlefield and whoever scored the most point at the end of the match will win.
    • Conquest (PVP) – Split to Red & Blue team and whoever has captures the zone when the match is over wins.
      • Advancement Battles will unlock when you increase number of wins in PVP mission. You can increase Chaser level through the Advancement Battle.

PvE Difficulty

  • Epic Missions that haven’t been cleared at least once will always start at the Beginner difficulty. After that, Repeat Mission (Multiplayer) or History Mission (Single) difficulty will depend on the result of your missions. (Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Grand Chase)
  • Your reward from each mission will depend on the mission’s difficulty and if you are matched in a lower difficulty than your recommended skill level, in a multiplayer mission, your reward may be lower than expected.


Completing Missions successfully will reward you with AP and CP.
[AP] Ability Point is points required to upgrade Karma and Karma deciding level. It can be obtained by completing mission.
[CP] Chase Point is points required to upgrade equipment. It can be obtained by completing mission or through events.

Party System

You can party up with other chasers and queue for missions together. If you feel like you need some secret talk, you can press TAB in Eldeka to switch to party chat.