Affinity System

NPC Affinity
This is the main way to obtain costumes and karma fragments, aswell as weapons.

  • Each time you complete a Real Time Mission, there is a set chance to meet an NPC. (Appears in mission map or in Eltheca)
  • You can gain affinity through chatting with NPCs and selecting a different topic of discussion will allow you to get important key words which leads to greatly increasing with that particular NPC.
  • Reaching a certain milestone of affinity with an NPC will reward you with a gift.


Increase your Affinity by completing a mission marked with fellow Chaser’s face. You can get special reward item by increasing your Affinity.

There are 6 levels of relationship with NPCs:

  1. Familiar Face
  2. Met Before
  3. Friend
  4. Close Friend
  5. Trusting
  6. Soul Mate

Each tier/level comes with different rewards and requirements. Rewards can either be cosmetic items, passives or new skill techniques.