The next closed beta is around the corner, here you can find 5 tips/helpful information to get you started.

Update 2019/02/14: First of all, Happy Valentine’s! Secondly, I’ve updated the page according to patchnotes, Tip #1, #2, Tip#4 Progression and Tip#5 Settings , Also keys are being sent out in waves, don’t be down if you didn’t get one yet, also check spam folder too!

The keys will be sent out tomorrow and the beta is starting soon on the 20th of February. Here are a few tips and useful information that will get you started. The account data/progress will be wiped at the end of the beta!

What is KurtzPel in general?
KurtzPel is a third person, Anime-Inspired, Action Battle Game created by KOG, the developers of Grand Chase and Elsword Online.
You can enjoy various 2vs2 PvP Modes queued up by a smart, automated match-making system.
Or, you can embark upon a larger-than-life, raid style, quest driven battle system against big, bad boss monsters.
In KurtzPel, classic action game dynamics are enabled when players empower their characters with 2, separate jobs (Karma) that can be used interchangeably.

As an alpha player what to expect from CBT?
New additions/updates to the game since the first Alpha test (Please note, these are based on publicized information, there may be less/more):

  • Upgrades: Dye system with RGB sliders
  • Sunset, better time of the day system in Eldeka(Lobby)
  • Improved run/walk animations
  • New emotes: Dance
  • Various shader upgrades, new particle effects
  • LUA changes: Character voices now depend on LUA type and maturity(height)
  • New environmental sounds in Eldeka
  • Graphics settings

Tip #1
Character Creation – First steps

Creating your character is the first thing you will do in KurtzPel.
You have a great variety of selection for customization. Eyes, hair, color sliders for everything, voice, etc.

  • You can only select Human as a race
  • You can create up to 14 character(s)
  • You can select from both male and female gender.
  • There are 8 kinds of Idle Motions and 8 kinds of Voice. Based on the 16 Lua types, you will have a set of Idle Motion and Voice chosen for you
    (Idle Motion and Voice Set will be different depending on the gender.)
  • Voices are then separated into 3 different types based on the age group. (8*3=24)

You will start character creation with a few questions. These are basic questions to set your character’s personality a.k.a. LUA, based on your answers, you will be given a recommended LUA type.

LUA types
change the character’s voice and idle animation. So choose this according to your likings/personality/taste.

Rebirth system
The rebirth system allows you to reset your progression and change your character’s personality. This basically allows you to re-create your character.

Tip #2
Karmas, what they are and how they work

When creating your character, you are prompted to select one of two karmas:

  1. Sword of Talaimh(Greatsword)Breaker type karma, low damage, slower, has more interrupts but high defense.
  2. Dance of Wind(Longbow) Slayer type karma, high damage and movement, but weak defense.

Do not let this scare you, you will have access to the other karmas/weapon types after logging on. This is just a starter karma.

The initial Karma selection will be from Sword Talaimh and Dance of Wind. (You can only pick 1)
Other Karmas will not be immediately available, however you can unlock them by completing epic quests.

  • Each Karma has 6 Normal Type, 2 Rage Type skills, and 9~11 command skills.
    • When you first acquire your Karma, you will receive 2 Normal Type and 1 Rage Type skill.
    • You can acquire more Karma Crystals to learn more skills by gaining affinity with NPC characters.

How does this work? You can have two karmas equipped and you can change between them with TAB key anytime. This can lead to many unexpected skill combinations and variety.

What kind of karmas are there?

  • Gauntlets – Blazing Fist
  • Longbow – Dance of Wind
  • Greatsword – Sword of Talaimh
  • Staff – Diabolic Witch
  • Dual Swords – Dual Souls (this karma was not available in alpha tests, may not be ready for beta either)

You can read up on the Karma system in depth if you click here.
Also you can find all the available karma fragments(skills) on here.

Tip #3
Eldeka – Mission Map – PvP / PvE – Rewards

After defeating the first introductionary story boss, you will find yourself in Eldeka. It’s the secret base of the Chase organization. It was created in effort to resist Bellatos. You can see other players, chat and have dance parties in here(for fun).

To join a mission you will have to find Ensher, she is the head of the chase and she stands next to the Mission Map, you can queue up for missions with the map.

  • There will be a total of 12 PVE missions including Single (Epic), and Multiplayer (Repeat). Total of 6 more missions from the previous Alpha build.
  • The mission order will be sorted daily and 2 Types of PVP and 3 Types of PVE will be shown in order.
  • Completed missions won’t be visible for a set duration and the next mission in order become visible.
  • Total amount of possible PVE missions will depend on the number of completed Epic Missions.
  • You can queue up to 5 missions at once.
  • Real Time (PVP & Repeatable PVE) missions will reward CP (In-Game Currency), AP (Mastery), and various items.
  • History Missions (Epic Single Mission) does not have any additional rewards other than AP.

Mission Types:

  • Epic/Repeat Mission (PVE) – Fight important enemies in the KurtzPel universe and discover the story of KurtzPel by interacting with Hero NPCs.
    Also, has a low chance to drop special reward (Accessories and etc.) and has multiple difficulties and provides challenges in PVE fashion.

    • If all party members get downed, the mission will fail!
  • Promotion Mission(PVP) 
    • Deathmatch (PVP) – Defeat your enemies and whoever scores more points will win.
    • Capture the Flag (PVP) – Acquire the Flag in the battlefield and whoever scored the most point at the end of the match will win.
    • Conquest (PVP) – Split to Red & Blue team and whoever has captures the zone when the match is over wins.
      • Advancement Battles will unlock when you increase number of wins in PVP mission. You can increase Chaser level through the Advancement Battle.

PvE Difficulty

  • Epic Missions that haven’t been cleared at least once will always start at the Beginner difficulty. After that, Repeat Mission (Multiplayer) or History Mission (Single) difficulty will depend on the result of your missions. (Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Grand Chase)
  • Your reward from each mission will depend on the mission’s difficulty and if you are matched in a lower difficulty than your recommended skill level, in a multiplayer mission, your reward may be lower than expected.


Completing Missions successfully will reward you with AP and CP.
[AP] Ability Point is points required to upgrade Karma and Karma deciding level. It can be obtained by completing mission.
[CP] Chase Point is points required to upgrade equipment. It can be obtained by completing mission or through events.

Party System

You can party up with other chasers and queue for missions together. If you feel like you need some secret talk, you can press TAB in Eldeka to switch to party chat.

Tip #4
Character progression, weapons, costumes, upgrades, stats explained

Chaser Rank

Based on your chaser rank, you can go on more difficult missions and match with people at your own skill level. However, this was not entirely implemented in previous tests, may not be in beta either.
You will be able to move between chaser rank levels with promotion matches. If you lose a promotion match, your chase rank will go down.
There are 6 chaser ranks: Wood ChaserBronze Chaser, Silver Chaser, Gold Chaser, Platinum Chaser, Grand Chaser

There are also Divisions in each chaser rank, so you will have to climb up the ladder to reach higher ‘level’ content.
Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, etc…

Advancement Battles will unlock when you increase number of wins in PVP mission. You can increase Chaser level through the Advancement Battle.


Basic stats

ATK – Attack, depending on weapon type can either be Physical or Magic.
DEF – Defense, you have both Physical and Magical defense, bosses deal different types of damage.
HP – Health, overall health pool can be affected by equipped items.

STR – Strength, influences Physical damage output.
INT – Intelligence, influences Magic damage output.
AGI – Agility, influences max Stamina.
WIS – Wisdom, influences max Mana.

On top of these base types of stats, there are numerous others that may decide your fate in a fight.

Other stats:

  • Stamina Recovery Speed – The speed at which your stamina will get restored.
  • Mana Recovery Speed – The speed at which your mana will get restored.
  • Rage Generation – Rage skills are your ultimate abilities, more generation equals faster ultimate charge times.
  • Physical CRIT Rate – Can be affected by equipped weapons, the rate at which you will cause critical damage.
  • Magical CRIT Rate – Can be affected by equipped weapons, the rate at which you will cause critical damage.
  • Action Speed – Basic attack speed.
  • Casting Speed – Affects spell casting speed.
  • Movement Speed – Self explanatory, the speed at which your character moves.
  • Action Endurance – Endurance means the amount before your enemies ‘break’, a.k.a. get stunned/knocked down. This is basic attack endurance.
  • Spell Endurance – Endurance means the amount before your enemies ‘break’, a.k.a. get stunned/knocked down. This is spell attack endurance.
  • Physical Protection – Self explanatory, increases the amount of Physical damage you are able withstand.
  • Magical Resistance –  Self explanatory, increases the amount of Magical damage you are able withstand.

Upgrade system

You can upgrade/dye your equipment in Eldeka’s Library. Usually each costume piece / weapon can have 2 upgrades. These upgrades vary by the type of the item.

  • Equipment (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories) can be upgraded inside the Library through the ‘Equipment Upgrade’ object. There is a set number of times you can upgrade an equipment.
  • The following can be upgraded and each upgrade costs CP.
    • Stat Increase (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories)
    • Open locked Karma Crystal slot (Weapon)
    • Open Sub Karma Crystal slot (Weapon)
    • Increase AP Gain (Weapon)
    • Dye (Weapon, Outfit, and accessories, not limited to upgrade limit and depends on the number of dyes you possess)

Costumes / NPC Affinity System

Costumes can be earned either via NPC Affinity system or bought as a DLC. You will have to earn these by yourself via the affinity system in this Beta.
Each costume piece gives different Physical and Magical defensive stats, these are usually the same for every costume.

NPC Affinity
This is the main way to obtain costumes and karma fragments, aswell as weapons.

  • Each time you complete a Real Time Mission, there is a set chance to meet an NPC. (Appears in mission map or in Eltheca)
  • You can gain affinity through chatting with NPCs and selecting a different topic of discussion will allow you to get important key words which leads to greatly increasing with that particular NPC.
  • Reaching a certain milestone of affinity with an NPC will reward you with a gift.


Increase your Affinity by completing a mission marked with fellow Chaser’s face. You can get special reward item by increasing your Affinity.

Tip #5
How to get better, optimization, state of PvP

There is a way to practice, and you should start your journey here, in the Training Grounds. You can find the Training Grounds in Eldeka and try all your combos, skills on a dummy.
You really should get to know your preferred karma, before jumping into PvE/PvP.

The game’s optimization for early tests is not that great and there is no way to edit graphical/audio/screen settings yet(atleast in-game, you can do it via config files).

Settings update

  • Screen/Graphic, Camera/Control, Language/Audio, Gameplay, and Etc have been added to the options menu.
  • If you have a low spec computer, you can lower the resolution to increase performance of KurtzPel.
    The graphics and other settings will be optimized depending on your computer’s spec at the start of the game.

[Game Settings]
Screen/Graphics, Camera/Controls, Language/Audio, Gameplay
– Graphics presets: Low, Normal, High, Very High
– Has 21:9 widescreen support
– You can also select texture quality, shadows, effects, framerate limit, vsync, post effects manually
– Can change both text and voice language to english or korean (eng. voice not available yet)

As this is a very early build of the game, expect to have crashes / graphical bugs. Quality of life changes can always come later, when the game’s foundation is set. Feedback is always welcome on the official discord and our fan community forums.

Misc updates

  • All UI can be accessed with Controllers.
  • Facial Expression for characters has been added.
  • Top & Bottom and Top/Gloves will work look more natural with each other.

Updated System Requirements 

State of PvP in Alpha (A look back)

PvP was in an interesting state during alpha tests, there are a few balance issues and fundamental issues.
As of the alpha, there is no difference between PvP/PvE attack, defense and endurance. It resulted in long knockdown times, because you really need it for PvE bosses, but it was the exact same time for PvP so it needs to get changed.
The damage output was way too high for a few karmas, such as the Diabolic Witch(Staff), you could literally get 1-shot with a Fireball. Dance of Wind(Longbow) was a bit overpowered too, so balance wise the game will need changes when it gets to early access/open beta/release phase.

Update on Balance Changes(02/14)

Each Karma also went through some balance refinement. Sword Talaimh’s Infinite Blade range has been nerfed based on in-depth feedback that drove many players to favor the Sword Karma over others. This adjustment will encourage Sword users to rely readily on the “Leap” Skill. For Blazing Fist, grab attacks will transition into a striking attack, to lessen the penalties associated with missing the initial skill catch. Diabolic Witch, which was widely considered to be the most OP Karma/Class during the Alpha test, has also been nerfed. We’ve decreased the damage for Fire Ball, and we’ve decreased Mana Recovery and the Cooldown Decrease activated from the Awakening of Demon Skill.

The Dance of Wind Karma has also been adjusted. Not only do the arrows shoot faster during the Salvo Arrows skill, but overall, the firing speed, base damage, and charge damage have been buffed to match its damage with the other Slayer Class, the Diabolic Witch.

Furthermore, Passive Skills will be activated during the Beta Test. Endurance will decrease at the same rate for all Classes during the Rising Attack and overall stats for Skills have been adjusted.


Please share your own tips or answer your own questions on our Discord, in the comments section here or on our forums!
Thank you for reading through this long post. Hope to see you on the battlefield of KurtzPel soon!

Good luck Chaser!