Here are the key points from Update Stream #8


Discussion about possible solutions regarding Rebirthing: Free Rebirthing once a month or buying Rebirth using CP. MMOHuts also suggested that there be a trial for Karmas so that the Karmas can be tested.


The GMs and Devs are listening to all issues/concerns, please be civil regarding the issues.


  • Once EA is over, the Vanguard Costume set will never again be available, it is exclusive to this launch.

  • The reason for making Fists and Staff premium DLC is because PvP is the backbone of the game and players need to be incentivized to play the game and unlock the karma they want.

  • 3v3 will be available in Custom Matches on release.

  • There will be a page on the site that will allow players to apply for Moderator/Volunteer positions. Target date April 30th.

  • KurtzPel will have a partnership program.

  • Rebirth rework is being strongly considered. They are aware of the pricing for Rebirth and how Rebirth can affect PvP because of the stat changes when switching to different Karmas.

  • Pre-download is being confirmed.

  • There will be player to player trading using the Steam Marketplace.

  • EU KurtzPel will be published by KOG.

Be sure to follow the Stream at Twitch to get all the latest news until Early Access (and maybe after EA) and check out the VOD for the streams. Lastly, Be sure to join the Discord to participate in polls and engage with the community (Just be sure to read #faq and #questions pinned before asking for a Beta key or something)!