Here are the key points from Update Stream #7

  • KurtzPel will utilize Steam Friends list

  • You will not receive rewards in custom missions

  • Trading will be available via the Steam Community Market

Now, onto the real meat:

  • CP cost for custom missions has not been finalized yet (Previously stated to be 300 CP however, this is subject to change).

  • Players will now receive AP from completing PvE missions solo.

  • EU server will be located near the center of the European Union.

  • Looking for translators for the game, and moderators for the social networks (there will be links on the main site soon, you will be compensated in some way for contributing).

  • The developers like the idea of thigh sliders, but sadly it will not be added to the game.

  • All outfits will have male and female versions.

  • Vanguard outfit set will be available for those who purchased the founder’s packs (see screenshots below or here’s a video of the Vanguard set):

  • A new PvP map has been added called “Secret Portal Gathering“.


Vanguard Sword Karma


Vanguard Bow Karma


Vanguard Staff Karma


Vanguard Gauntlet Karma

You can see the new map and the founder’s pack costume in action below.


Be sure to follow the Stream at Twitch to get all the latest news until Early Access (and maybe after EA) and check out the VOD for the streams. Lastly, Be sure to join the Discord to participate in polls and engage with the community (Just be sure to read #faq and #questions pinned before asking for a Beta key or something)!