Ding-ding! Let the round begin. The first community hosted PvP cup is around the corner, make sure to sign up if you want to test your skills for a great prize.

This tournament has been cancelled by the creator due to high negativity backlash.




Japuu organized a very nice community cup for KurtzPel’s first probatio season and he is willing to make it an ongoing event if everything goes well.
You will have to apply as 2 player teams, if you are a solo player, you can find a teammate in the event’s own discord server.

Join the Bringer of Chaos Cup Discord by clicking here

You can find more information, announcements, teammates and the rules of the event on the Discord server linked above.

Scheduled dates
Registrations will be closed on May 10th[Closing time 12:00AM EST]

All matches until the finals on – May 11th 1:00PM EST
Losers’ bracket – May 12th 1:00PM EST
Finals and Grand Finals (after losers’ bracket) – May 12th


Signing up to the tournament
You can sign up to this cup on the smash.gg website with the link provided below

Register here

Watch it live

tournament will be livestreamed at https://www.twitch.tv/japuu_


Prizing details

The first three teams will get rewarded, the prizes are the following: