KOG is about to organize a Test Server for future updates and bug hunting called Eltheca Proving Grounds.
The purpose of this program is to use valuable feedback that extends beyond our own eyes and ears.
This group effort is being initiated to ensure that important changes and updates are tempered with the voices of both our Chasers and developers alike.

Each region will have a fixed amount of players picked:

North America: 100 Players
Europe: 100 Players
Northeast Asia: 100 Players

To apply as a tester, click here: https://www.kurtzpel.com/tester/
Note: For players who cannot see the page, please make sure to disable your AdBlocker in order to see the site normally.

Your registration for the Proving Ground program must be made before 2nd Sept. 23:59 UTC+0 in order to be valid.
Selected Chasers will be contacted via the provided e-mail before 3rd Sept. 23:59 UTC+0.