A friendly korean spy has entered KOG’s offices, what intel did he drop? Find out from this post!

So apparently, GM Pie is currently visiting overseas Korean KOG HQ and he showed us the development team and what they are currently working on.

The main focus seemed to be around KurtzPel’s first major update featuring Dual Souls and Regenie Monastery, a whole new region.
We also got a sneak preview of the founder’s pack costume, underwear and the office itself.

We still do not know how much Founder Pack’s will be and KOG did not announce the exact contents on what these packs will contain, but thanks to a special livestream there is now a preview of the exclusive costume available in those packs.

▲ An early concept for the Founder Pack exclusive costume

It was a known fact that the team is working on a whole new storyline for the Dual Souls karma featuring Kien Astrea, there was footage released before(which you can find here). The development team is currently polishing up the skill gfx and the mechanics itself. They are also pretty busy with the story missions and the bosses getting introduced in the new area. Some short footage from the office tour included below.

▲ Visual effects being revised/improved compared to pre-alpha dual souls footage

▲ New PvP Deathmatch map with the Regenie Monastery area update

▲ Regenie Monastery Story mission in works

▲ Regenie Monastery boss footage, still unnamed

The team is also working on extending the customization element of the game by adding more cosmetics such as these underwears, the developer team approves of thigh sliders aswell.

▲ Underwear in development

Be sure to follow the official livestreams at Twitch to get all the latest news until Early Access (and maybe after EA) and check out the VOD for the streams on the archive channel. Lastly, Be sure to join the Discord to participate in polls and engage with the community (Just be sure to read #faq and #questions pinned before asking for a Beta key or something)!

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You can find the vod here: