The time has come, KurtzPel is entering Early Access.

The game is up for pre-download right now on steam, download the client and get ready to play on April 30th 9am Pacific Time.

Click here to start the download on Steam

The download size is 6.1GB. You can not download the game outside of North and South America.
You can use a VPN, but the risk is there, if you get flagged you will get banned from KurtzPel along with your hardware id.

Before jumping straight into the game, here is a very useful and detailed spreadsheet on how to build/rebirth yourcharacter’s base stats by user uKing on the official discord. Click here:

Note: An all-around value build that works for most karmas(except diabolic witch/staff) is 6 STR / 6 DEX / 3 INT / 6 WIT / 4 HP.

If you want to read up on the Rebirth System and what it does, you can do it here: Rebirth System

Other notes to know about launch

  • A community tournament for fun, no prizing (NA only)
  • Latest developer stream notes, there may be no stream on May 4th. View Stream recap #8 here
  • Volunteer Moderator applications are live on the official discord now, if you want to help the game you can apply
  • You can get a Rebirth Ticket cheapest in the Starter Pack, costs $2.99
  • Using a VPN may get you banned, but you can try to play the game with it, altough when EU/OCE servers go live, you will have to completely start over. Also, CBT rewards (Leaf hat and Dagger), DLC purchases are region bound aswell. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, NOT RECOMMENDED
  • Supply box($2.99 lootboxes) rates so far:

For help regarding launch / technical issues you can visit the forums and post a thread there. Go to the forum’s technical board by clicking here.

You can also join the laid back community discord here or the official discord through here. Also keep an eye out for Twitch streamers on KurtzPel category.

p.s.: This website will be updated after Early Access goes live, featuring useful tools/builds/detailed news/analytics. We hope you come and visit us again. 🙂

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