Build id #6174757 – Patch Notes

1. Character
1) You can only select Human as a race
2) You can select from both male and female gender.
3) There are 8 kinds of Idle Motions and 8 kinds of Voice. Based on the 16 Lua types, you will have a set of Idle Motion and Voice chosen for you
(Idle Motion and Voice Set will be different depending on the gender.)
4) Voices are then separated into 3 different types based on the age group.

2. Karma
1) There are 4 available Karmas: Sword Taliah (Great Sword), Dance of Wind (Longbow), Diabolic Witch (Staff), and Blazing Fist (Gauntlet)
2) The standard 2 Karmas given to all Chasers is Sword Taliah (Great Sword) and Dance of Wind (Longbow).
You can select which Karma to receive first during character creation.
No matter which one you select, you will be able to receive the other one.
3) Other Karmas can be obtained with in-game currency (AP/CP) or through DLC packages.
Once you purchase the items, a series of epic quests will unlock, allowing you to obtain the selected Karmas
4) Each Karma has 6 Karma Crystals (Normal Skills), 2 Unique Karma Crystals (Rage Skills), and 9~11 basic commands.
5) When you first acquire your Karma, you will receive 3 Karma Crystals (Normal Skills), and 1 Unique Karma Crystal (Rage Skill) as Default.
6) Other Karma Crystals can be obtained via rewards by increasing Affinity with NPCs.

3. Mission (PvP, PVE)
1) System
– The mission order will be sorted daily. 2 types of PvP missions and a select number of PvE missions will be shown.
– The number of PvE missions shown will depend on how many missions you’ve already unlocked.
– Completed missions won’t be visible for a set duration and the next mission in order become visible.
– You can queue up to 5 missions at once.
– Real Time (PVP & Repeatable PVE) missions will reward CP (In-Game Currency), AP (Mastery), and various items
– Flashback Missions (Epic Single Mission) does not have any additional rewards other than AP.
– Custom Missions have been added.
– You can create Custom Missions by using CP. 1:1. 2:2. 3:3 PvP options are available.
– Custom Missions will have spectator mode, allowing other chasers to spectate the match.
2) Mission List
– There are 3 different PvP Modes and 5 different maps.

– Epic Missions that allows you to obtain Karma (PvE)/ Flashback Mission (Single PvE) is as follows:

– Repeat Missions available after Epic Mission (Multi-Player PvE) is as follows:
(You may have a chance to obtain special items in Repeat Missions)

4. NPC Affinity System
1) Each time you complete a Real Time Mission, there’s a set chance to meet an NPC. (Appears in mission map or in Eltheca).
You can seek out certain NPCs to meet them more often.
2) You can gain affinity through chatting with NPCs.
Selecting a different topic of discussion will allow you to get important key words which leads to greatly increasing with that particular NPC.
3) Reaching a certain milestone of affinity with an NPC will reward you with a gift.

5. Rank System (PVP) and PVE Difficulty System
1) Chaser PvP rank starts from Rank E. depending on the result of a PvP match, your ranking will go up or down from E < D < B < A < S < G
2) Your rank increasing or decreasing will be notified at the start of a match.
3) In PVE, Epic Missions that haven’t been cleared before will always start at the Beginner difficulty.
After that, Repeat Mission (Multiplayer) or Flashback Mission (Single)’s difficulty will change depending on the result of your missions.
(Difficulty: Easy < Normal < Hard < Veryhard < Grandchase).
4) Your reward will depend on the mission’s difficulty.
You may be matched in a lower difficulty than your recommended skill level when playing in a multiplayer mode, in which case your reward may be lower than expected.

6. Equipment Modification System
1) Equipment (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories) can be modified using the ‘Tome of Knowledge’ at the Library.
There is a set number of times you can modify an equipment.
2) The following can be modified. Each Modification will cost CP (In-game currency).
– Stat Increase (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories)
– Unlock Karma Crystal Slot (Weapon)
– Unlock Sub Karma Crystal Slot (Weapon)
– Increase AP Gain (Weapon)
– Dye (Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories, not limited to modification limit, and depends on the number of dyes you possess)

7. In-game Shop 
1) Now you may purchase various items via In-game shop.
2) The items you can buy at the shop is as follows:

3) Advanced Supply Box Rates are as follows:

8. Founder’s Pack
1) Purchasing the items as a Founder’s Pack will allow you to get the items cheaper than if you purchase them individually at the shop.
2) There is ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’ Founder’s Pack. The contents of the packages and sales amount is as follows:

9. Other Changes
1) Bug found in CBT has been fixed.
2) Balance between Karma has been modified.
3) There are multiple mission maps throughout Eltheca.
4) Steam Achievement, Trading Card System has been updated.
5) Back Attack is removed. Slayers’ Critical damage has been modified.
6) There’s now a difference between Manual Resurrection and Auto Resurrection.
7) English V.O. added.
8) Portuguese, Spanish in-game text is now supported.