Ensher Renhart (엔셔 렌하트)
KurtzPel’s organization, current head of the Chase.

Ethan Soulguard (에단 솔가드)
“Only those who have something to protect can be truly strong.”
Senior chaser in charge of Ensher’s guard.

Kien Astrea (키엔 아스트레아)
“Get your hands off me, before I cut them off.”
A senior chaser who once competed with Ensher for leadership.

Crim Plie (크림 플리에)
“How long will you be slow, everyone is stupid!”
A senior chaser who is searching for ancient KurtzPel, a hero of the Chase who disappeared at the time of a major crisis 400 years ago.

Jin Kaien (진 카이엔)
“Who are you… Why did I cry when we met for the first time?”
400 years have passed since the terrific event, but the Chase is continuing their search.

Lire Eruel (리르 에류엘)
“I’ve been looking for something precious that I should have never forgotten… Now it’s fading in time.”
She lost her memories of the ancient KurtzPel 400 years ago.

Marian Vendor (마리안 벤더)
“Oh, I didn’t expect you to meet me like this. Our new hope in the Chase.”
A wizard from Tyrion Mage, a high-ranking wizard guild. In the Chase, the book manager for Elteca is conducting and planning all research on El’s causal rate.