KurtzPel’s NA Alpha signups have officially begun, more information coming later.

Are you ready, Chaser?
KurtzPel’s North American Alpha Test is looking for participants

KurtzPel’s North America Only Closed Alpha registration just went live, do you have what it takes? Then apply right away!

North American Alpha Schedule
November 15th – November 18th
(exact times to be announced)

Hello Chasers!

Thank you for interest in KurtzPel.

We have some important news to share with you all today.

First, we will be hosting a KurtzPel booth at the biggest game show in Korea, G-Star 2018 from Nov 15th ~ 18th.

This showcase version will be focused heavily on polishing up the core game content for KurtzPel: PvP.
It’s our goal to make absolutely sure that players will get to experience KurtzPel’s unique, high-intensity action concepts in real-time.

Also, we have something new and exciting for you to experience! We are going to be introducing PvE to KurtzPel! This will be a raid style encounter where players can fight and overcome challenging boss monsters.
We are very excited to see how everyone will react to fighting these challenging monsters and what you’ll do to strategize and overcome these behemoths.

The second part is for all of our fans outside of Korea who won’t make it to G-Star:

We have thought long and hard on how we can bring KurtzPel to players all around the world, and we decided to work with KOG Games to bring a beta test to North America during the duration of G-Star, 2018.

The Pre-Registration Page for the beta is already up and ready take participants now! We hope to see you all there and that you will thoroughly enjoy the first ever, public play-through of KurtzPel!

A major point that we’re hoping to accomplish is to hear your voices. Obviously, we hope everyone who plays, either at G-Star 2018 or through the beta, truly enjoys KurtzPel. But we’d love to hear from you, at the wrap-up, we want you to leave us feedback. This will be used to improve the game.

For those who cannot make it for whatever reason, we hope you keep an eye out for future updates on KurtzPel.

Chasers, we hope you see you at our base, Eltheca.

– Quoted from Facebook by Director of KurtzPel, lO-Dang Kwon

KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos is an Anime styled massively multiplayer action RPG with fast paced skill based PvP and PvE battles that take place in large 3D arenas throughout the game world.

In KurtzPel players will be able to customize their own fighter using an in depth character/waifu creation suite then take them into the vibrant Anime styled fantasy world to do battle. The narrative revolves around a “KurtzPel” – a saviour who is hoped to help in the fight against an evil empire that rules the land, though whether or not that person is you remains to be a mistery.

KurtzPel isn’t an open world game, instead you use a map in the hub world to teleport straight into a PvE or PvP arena battle. In story mode these battles will be against powerful enemies and huge bosses, while in PvP you’ll obviously be doing battle against other players.

It’s a great looking game with fast, fluid, spectacle-filled combat and arena based battles that allow you to jump straight into the action rather than grinding your way through an open world. Sign up for the Beta to see how you fare in KurtzPel’s beautiful 3D arenas.

KOG Games have given no official ETA on when the game will launch or even be playable, but we were promised “additional information in the coming months”, especially with the confirmed Steam-release.

“We are excited to reveal that we will be bringing KurtzPel to Steam and we want players to communicate directly with us during the closed beta,” said KOG Games CEO, Frank Kim. “We want the game to be exactly what gamers want, so we encourage players to give us as much feedback as possible to help us shape this game into one of the top action games on Steam.”

Update on Nov. 2:
From KurtzPel’s official korean facebook page:

Hey Chasers!
Thank you so much for checking out the upcoming, NA KurtzPel Beta test!
Just so we’re all on the same page, KurtzPel is a KOG project that is a committed work of passion that our team is pouring themselves into with all we’ve got. That means that the game is still in development and not yet full-featured or optimized.
That also means that in its current iteration, running KurtzPel will be resource intensive.
Please submit your Beta Application Form only if your PC meets the following system requirements:

KurtzPel Beta Recommended Specs

Please make sure to fill in the category asking you about your computer specs in the Beta Application Form.
You can apply for the Beta here: https://goo.gl/FJESy4
If you are not gaming on a machine that can run at these specs, fret not! We will be optimizing KurtzPel as we move along through the development process. And we will do our absolute best to insure that you’ll have a number of other opportunities to play with us in the future.
Let’s Bring The Chaos!


Global Game Exhibition G-Star 2018

When is it? 2018. November 15th – 18th

KurtzPel will be present again this year on the huge korean game expo show with a public booth. Be sure to keep an eye on G-Star related news regarding the game, also there will probably be events for attendees like last year. A quick tip: look for #gstar , #g-star, #kurtzpel hashtags on twitter during the event, twitter is usually the hot place for news and images from G-Star.