KurtzPel development team just showed a new area, bosses and a karma that was long awaited, all coming in Early Access. New Screenshots and Gameplay video included in the post.

This update is scheduled for sometime in 2019 Summer. Still Work-in-Progress. 

New Karma: Dual Soul

The most attractive aspect of KurtzPel is the Karma system. A new Karma that will be coming in Early Access is Dual Soul (Swords). Dual Soul is a Slayer karma with limited capability of disrupting enemies, but has great mobility and can deal huge amounts of damage very quickly. This karma focuses on Agility. The weapon used for Dual Soul are dual swords, which come in great variety and deal physical damage.

▲ Please note: This is a pre-alpha build footage, gameplay might have changed.


Kien Astrea(키엔 아스트레아) is a senior chaser, who once competed for Chase Leadership with Ensher.

Two new bosses appeared in Regenie Monastery

An enigmatic being has ambushed Kien at the ‘Room of Regeneration’ in Regenie Monastery! For some reason, it uses same techniques as Kien’s Dual Swords?!

A mysterious enormous creature that appeared at ‘Room of Redemption,’ an underground dungeon in Regenie Monastery. It’s rumored that the creature appears in the forest and attack children of the Monastery at night.