The first non closed beta related stream, with a bit of fun and a Q&A with GM Pie and GM Rush

Most common questions asked

When can we play again?
Whenever Early Access launches.

When is the deadline for the Closed Beta Survey?
Soon, so please fill it out and send feedback to us. You can find the survey here: click here

KurtzPel Merch? Will there be any?
What would you like to see as a merchandise? Share your ideas on the official discord! (Which you can join here: )

What is the monetization plan? Will the game be F2P or P2P?
Well, according to player feedback it is leaning towards F2P model, but not confirmed yet.

Will you(GM Rush) be participating in community events after launch?
Yeah, I’ll be around but maybe not PvP tournaments. 😀

4-player PvE parties?
Currently, our bosses are not designed for more than duos, maybe in the future. A 1v1,2v2,3v3 ‘Custom Mission’ PvP Lobby mode is in works.

Is there input lag due to latency or the delay is only on damage calculations and crowd control effects?
GM Rush: I believe there is no input lag, altough we will have to check in some situations to say for sure.

Bow / Staff were a bit overpowered, do you plan on balancing?
Yeah, based on our feedback Bow and Staff were a bit stronger than the other two karmas, bow especially because of the high damage output and stuns, so Gauntlet / Greatsword had a harder time to catch up. The balance will always be a work-in-progress, since its a PvP game.

Do you plan on content creator partnership program?
Yeah in the future maybe, for now it is just a plan. There probably will be some kind of support for the content creators.

Is there a founder’s pack planned?
Currently, this is not yet decided. We will have to actually decide on the monetization of the game, since the contents of a founder’s pack will differ if the game is F2P or B2P.

What is the current focus on the game, will you be monitoring feedback or have bug hunt devtests?
The main focus right now is to make sure the content people loved are polished. So basically focusing on the fun parts of the game.

Console release?
For now KurtzPel is on PC.

Will KurtzPel have a friendlist system?
Yes, definitely. It will be a feature.

Will we be able to practice against friends?
Yes as we are preparing for early access, we will try to add a custom lobby system for you guys, because we know you love PvP.

Chat bubbles when we talk in game?
Yeah that would be cool, noted.

KurtzPel’s release date still in Q1? 
There is a lot of things to fix, so there is a chance of a delay. We are thinking of using Early Access as a means to keep developing and improving the game, but we will need some time to fix issues and add more QoL changes. We will be keeping in touch via weekly videos / streams. We are also monitoring Steam forums, subreddit and the discord, so feel free to talk with us! It might get pushed to Q2, but early Q2.

Leaderboars for PvE too?
Currently it’s only for PvP.

Will there be a glamour / transmog system? 
It has been passed to higher ups, they were looking at it positively. So maybe?

Marriage / Couple system?

More functionality to training room?
Not first priority for Early Access, but later yeah it will see some improvements.

More communication ways for battle? 
We will think of a way to communicate with your partner. But due to toxicity, we do not want a global message system in battles. Maybe a ping system will do it.

Will you have a penalty for leaving games?
Yes, we will have some kind of penalties for leavers.

Guilds? (Recurring question)
The developers know about the demand on more PvE content and Guilds. Current focus is the core gameplay.

Are there any current Quality Assurance(QA) tests?
No, not really. We are fixing issues and improving the game still, based on beta feedback.

PvP game mode with pickups like in Smash Bros?
Sounds like a fun gamemode, yeah maybe in the future.

Odd eye colors for our characters? 

Will we be able to keep our CBT characters?
No they will be wiped for Early Access.

Fanmade costumes?
Maybe in the future, but we still have lots of ideas for now. 🙂

Name reservation?
Not yet.

In-game VoIP?
No, probably not.

Terrain interaction(wall jumps, etc)?
GM Pie: Not that I know of, maybe in the future.

How much of the game the CBT represents?
The CBT was really just about the core gameplay, so its hard to say what percent of the content it represents.

Workshop functionality with player created content?
In the future maybe, for now no.

Will you start marketing KurtzPel soon to bring more hype to it?
Yes, soon but for now we are fixing the game up.

When is Dual Souls karma coming out?
We don’t know, it is still being worked at. Probably not at the start of Early Access, but soonish.

Cash Shop?
It is not decided yet, but we are trying our hardest to keep it not pay-to-win in any ways.

Will the Lobby be more optimized?
Yeah, the Lobby will undergo changes and optimization, because it had very nasty framerate drops.

(Sidenote) Give Gauntlet’s counter back!
The counter was working really badly, it could be triggered between attacks, so for now no.

(Fun side question) What is your favorite type of weapon in games?
GM Rush: I love magic/throwing cards. So if there is going to be a card karma, you know I’ll play that 😉

(Fun side question) Are you subscribed to PewDiePie?
GM Rush: Yes I am, ofcourse.

(Fun sidenote) GM Rush haircut for KurtzPel please!

Theres also a fankit download available on the official website now!
Also, please submit your laptop specs if you had issues during CBT on the official discord.

Next stream is going to be on next Thursday 5PM PST!