But there is a catch…

On 2019 April 4th, KOG games had a livestream where they announced the business model decision and the exact date for releasing KurtzPel to the public via the Steam Early Access program as a Free-to-Play title. The game will only be available in North and South American region first, with a release following one month later in June for European players and in July for Asian/OCE region. The reason for this is KurtzPel is a heavily PvP focused game and latency plays a big role in fights, so having lower pings result in a better experience.

The game will also receive partial language support for Spanish – Latin America and Portuguese – Brazil.
The controller support has also changed from full to partial, due to not being able to remap keybinds.

Release date(s):
2019 April 30th 9:00AM PDT
2019 June – Europe
2019 July – Asia

Founder Packs

KOG will be including founder packs as dlc content upon early access release, these packs will include Exclusive Costumes and Additional Karmas. On the exact details on these, we will have to wait a bit longer. No prices or exact contents of the packs yet.

Update Changelog
Early Access Version – based on published information from developer streams

  • A Local Channel option was added, so you can be in Eltheca Lobby solo.
  • Mission Boards added to Eltheca to reduce framerate issues by giving players more ways to enter missions.
  • Several critical damage factors were changed, no more insane damage spikes with Bow / Staff.
  • Karmas received a tweak in basic stats, more extended details on this later.
  • Character Creation/Customization changes
    • Backdrop selection added, you can view your character in different lightning conditions.
    • New Hairstyles added.
    • New Costume pieces and Accessories added.
  • Default Karma Crystal Fragments(Skills) changed from  > 3.
  • Fully voiced English voiceover was added, you can now play the game in English dubbing aswell. (Preview)
  • Partial language support for for Spanish – Latin America and Portuguese – Brazil. (as mentioned above)
  • Rankings System 
    • You can see the server’s top chasers in a conventional list with their Name, Win Rates by Karma / Game Mode, Most Wins by Karma / Game Mode (These rankings will be seasonal)
  • Custom Mission Lobby System
    • You can launch custom missions / pvp rooms (1v1,2v2) from now on.
    • No rewards in this gamemode, that means no CP or AP bonuses awarded and no affinity rewards on random encounters.
  • Over 50+ Steam Achievements were added.
  • Word filter adjusted, some usernames were censored before.
  • Upon being resurrected by your teammate, you will now spawn next to them. Else, you will spawn regularly at the spawn point.
  • Matchmaking in PvP will prioritize setting up solo queue and then party queue. The system will try to match premade parties together.
    • You can no longer decline PvP matches.
  • Affinity System Changes
    • If you track the NPC for your karma through Ensher, there will be a 100% rate of encountering that NPC.

    • Encountering the same NPC’s twice in a row will no longer happen to allow for more variety. (In case you kept running into the same NPC over and over again).

  • Game Settings Changes
    • You will be able to change more settings, such as Shadow Resolution to have better framerates.
  • Karma DLCs: No idea what these include, the game’s loading tips had them. Could be convenience(skip unlock missions).


What to come in near future
These updates will not make it into Early Access right away

  • New karma: Dual Soul. (More info)
  • New region / missions: Regenie Monastery – Room of Regeneration / Room of Redemption. (More info)
  • Guild System.
  • PvE/PvP communication Ping system.
  • 3v3 Custom Matches.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Early Access

Q: On April 30th, will I be able to play?
A: If you live in either North or South American regions, yes. If you are outside of those regions, the game will just reject you with wrong region code.

Q: Can I just use a VPN?
A: While it may be possible to play with a VPN, it is not recommended, because its a straght up ban offense if you get caught. The main reason for the region lock is to provide players a good experience, hence its a pvp game based on latency, you could ruin whole lobbies and game experience with high ping.

Q: Will it be Free-to-play? Don’t I have to buy a Founder’s Pack?
A: Founder’s Packs are completely optional, you can download and play the game without any purchase.

Q: How do I get my BETA rewards?
A: You will get your beta rewards, the sprout and dagger(if you qualified for that) upon first logging on.