On June 5th, KurtzPel has opened up for the rest of the world except a few countries. Please read through the changes.

Please note: There are a few countries that KurtzPel could not be released yet, due to issues with their lootbox policies. 
These countries are the following: South Korea, Isle of Man, Netherland, and Belgium. South Korea will be serviced outside the Steam Platform.

Currently the developer team is working on creating a friend list system, improving Conquest Mode, adding an Emote System, New Karma, a Guild System, and much more.

You can read up on the upcoming bosses and the new karma Dual Soul if you click here.

Also make sure to check out our partner fansite, the kurtzpel wiki KurtzPedia.net for information about the game.
You can also check our knowledge base and about the game sections here on our fansite.

You can also look at builds to get some help with how you distribute stats(the builds page is going to get revamped in the next days).

Known Issues

  • In the game, we currently have the wrong description implemented for the Basic Supply Box. The current Basic Supply Box’s description is for the Advanced Supply Boxes.
  • Founder’s Packs may not appear under DLCs, however they can be bought using their seperate links on the Steam store.
  • There is a delay for the compensation to those who bought DLC karmas before they went free, the compensation costumes will go out at a later date.
  • Some people may not be able to log in to the game, please verify your game files using Steam’s game check.


Most important changes since the North & South American release(April 30th/May 1st): 

  • Blazing Fists and Diabolic Witch karmas are no longer paid DLCs.
  • You can now change/redistribute character base stats with CP points.
  • You can purchase basic and advanced supply boxes with AP/CP points. You will need to reach the AP limit to buy with CP.
  • Karma Story(Epic) missions have their rewards changed, you can have the weapons from the first mission and the rest of the karma fragments from the other 2 missions(Total epic/story missions per karma is 3).
  • Character Deletetion has a 6 hour cooldown before you can delete another one.
  • CP exchange costs are decreased for items from Affinity Rewards and PvE missions.
  • CP exchange costs are increased for items from Supply Boxes.
  • CP cost for dyeing equipment is decreased.
  • Flashback PvE missions have increased resurrection limits from 2 -> 10.
  • Weapon modification count increased from 3 -> 4.
  • You can find the full patchnotes over here on this link.

Various Supply Box changes:

  • Advanced Supply Box will be available in the in-game shop just like before. Every time you reach a certain AP amount, you will be able to use CP to purchase these boxes.
  • These supply boxes (one from in-game shop and one purchased using CP) will have the same contents and rates.
  • New ‘Basic Supply Boxes’ will be added.
  • Basic Supply Boxes will be available to purchase using CP when you reach a certain of AP. (Not Available in in-game shop)
  • Basic Supply Boxes have the same contents as Advanced Supply Boxes, but have different rates.
  • All items obtained through any supply boxes are tradeable
  • You’ll be able to purchase Supply Boxes with CP every time you achieve a certain amount of AP.
    • Once you gain the required amount of AP, the Supply Boxes will become available for purchase with CP.
    • Your ability to purchase boxes with CP will be reset once you purchase a box. You will have to obtain the required AP again to purchase again.
  • The AP requirements are counted separately per Supply Box grade.
    • Advanced Supply Box and Basic Supply Box AP requirements to purchase with CP are counted separately.
    • For example, once you’ve acquired enough AP to purchase both Basic and Advanced boxes with CP, you’ll be able to purchase the Basic Supply Box with CP even after purchasing the Advanced Supply Box with CP.
  • Each Weapon Advanced Supply Boxes will have 4 new weapons added.
  • To keep the rates of each weapon constant even with the new weapons added, the rates for weapons category will be increased.
  • Rates for All Dyes will decrease for Advanced Supply Boxes.
  • You will be able to acquire 1 Dye ~ 5Dyes randomly at a time from Supply Boxes.
  • Adjusted rates for Supply Boxes are as follows.