Karma system breakdown

The players in KurtzPel inherits and hones the eternal experience that is passed down generations called ‘Karma’. While Karma is similar to what classes are in other games, Karma isn’t limited to individual skills but the overall powers a being posses.

Players can choose 2 of the Karmas they have at their disposal to engage in battle. Setting up the right Karmas will be an important strategic decision for premade teams. Karmas and Karma Shards which can be attached to weapons can be obtained  through relationship with NPCs and then further improved. Karma Shards attached to your weapon will decide your usable skills.

Karma is something that can be shared with other users. Thus, this means it is possible to possess all existing Karmas which can be further trained then shared with others.

Karma Shards are akin to skills in other games where Karma is like a character class. Farming for Karma, Karma Shards, weapons, and costumes are done through improving your relationship with NPCs who own them.

You can switch between equipped Karmas / Weapons anytime with the TAB key.

A player switching karmas in combat

Currently there are 5 Karmas in the game:

    • Longbow(Dance of Wind)
    • Greatsword(Sword of Talaimh)
    • Staff(Diabolic Witch)
    • Dual Swords(Dual Souls)
    • Gauntlets(Blazing Fist)


Please select a Karma from below

Dual Souls

Sword of Talaimh

Wind of Dance

Diabolic Witch

Blazing Fist