General information

Why do I need a build? What is a ‘build’?

By default your character’s base stats are the following 5 Strength / 5 Agility / 5 Intelligence / 5 Wisdom / 5 Health Points(HP).
You can however, use a Character Rebirth Ticket to change the base stats of your character(More information on Rebirth here). A build is basically a guideline to help you enhance your overall performance with your character by adjusting these base stats. Please note, these are made by players based on their experience and preferred qualities, you may use anything different if you feel like it.


Build list

Work-in-progress, stats were updated in Early Access, counting bonuses and expanding build info as more information is gathered..

[Overall] Generic build that works well, best value if not using staff

6 STR / 6 AGI / 3 INT / 6 WIS / 4 HP

If you are not interested in Magic(Staff), an all-around optimal(best value) build is the above one.

The reason why you don’t slam 6 points in HP, your equipped Karma affects your effective sheet HP and multiplies your base defenses. You may have 25% phys def on your character base stats, but you have 83% phys defense, (the maximum) with a breaker Karma on a 6/6/3/6/4 attribute layout

[Greatsword + Gauntlet] Tanky Damage build | By: Weaponized


^ you should aim for these stats

[Sword/Gauntlet + Bow] Wombo combo | By: Weaponized


[Bow + Staff] Magic arrows | By: Weaponized


[Sword/Gauntlet + Staff] Melee mage | By: Weaponized


[Staff main + Any] High damage staff | By: Weaponized


Note : Staff builds are up to preference, some people might trade WIS for STR or AGI to STR, etc