A basic guide on how the character creation looks like and works in KurtzPel.

Character Creation

Creating your character is the first thing you will do in KurtzPel.
You have a great variety of selection for customization. Eyes, hair, color sliders for everything, voice, etc.

  • You can only select Human as a race
  • You can create up to 14 character(s)
  • You can select from both male and female gender.
  • There are 8 kinds of Idle Motions and 8 kinds of Voice. Based on the 16 Lua types, you will have a set of Idle Motion and Voice chosen for you
    (Idle Motion and Voice Set will be different depending on the gender.)
  • Voices are then separated into 3 different types based on the age group. (8*3=24)

You will start character creation with a few questions. These are basic questions to set your character’s personality a.k.a. LUA, based on your answers, you will be given a recommended LUA type.

LUA types
 change the character’s voice and idle animation. So choose this according to your likings/personality/taste.

Rebirth system

The Rebirth system allows you to change your character’s personality and appearance. Rebirthing will unlock new customization options and it requires a Rebirth Ticket. You can Rebirth your character from character selection screen.
Note: Rebirthing unlocks each personality’s default cosmetic item and you can change base stats.