Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
To prevent forum clutter, this thread serves to answer frequently asked questions so that users will not need to ask the same questions over and over.

Q: How do I list something on the Steam Marketplace? Where is the item I bought on the Steam Marketplace?
A: By default, go to the game menu (Esc) and navigate to "Steam Inventory". From there you can see both your character inventory and steam inventory. Items can be "saved" from the character inventory to the steam inventory by left clicking on the item and left clicking again to "save" the item. Saved items will appear in your steam inventory and can be traditionally listed onto the marketplace, but only after the seven day cooldown has elapsed. Similarly, you can "retrieve" items you have from the steam inventory to the character inventory.

Q: How do I reset all the modifications on my item?
A: If the item is marketable, you can easily reset modifications on an item by saving it to your steam inventory and then retrieving it.

Q: How do I reallocate by base stats?
A: Base stats can be reallocated for 1,002 CP at the Tome of Knowledge. Base stats can also be changed through character rebirth.

Q: How do I open Supply Boxes? I can only preview the description.
A: As of June 4th, Supply Boxes cannot be directly opened in the inventory. To the west of the Eltheca Lobby there is an interactable called the Supply Box, and from there you are able to open, purchase and preview the contents of the Supply Box.

Q: I have purchased DLC but I do not see it present. Where is it?
A: DLC will only be given once to the character they login with. This includes Rebirth Tickets, they will only appear in the character creation screen once you have logged in to a channel.