A bit of gameplay, explanation and fun on Valentine’s Day with GM Rush and GM Pie

[KurtzPelTV | Pre-beta Stream Feb 14th Recap – Valentine’s Day Special]
from www.twitch.tv/videos/380755289

Next stream on Tuesday Feb 19th! You can find the video at the bottom of this post.

Some generic Q&A happened, but most of them are basic questions that have been answered a hundred times over and over. Check the Q&A stream transcript for answers.

A few questions

Does character height / weight matter?
No you will not have faster animations or longer range if you have a taller character.

Does GM Rush and GM Pie enjoy PvP?
GM Pie: It depends on the game, if its a game focused around PvP like KurtzPel, yes. If its optional in an mmorpg, no.
GM Rush: I generally gravitate towards PvP, I love it!

Whenever the game reaches that point of development, maybe(?).

Will there be another test before Early Access?
Maybe, nothing is decided yet.

CBT Tournament?
Maybe, we will have to see.

If I didn’t get a key, should I re-apply? Can I still get a key?
Yes, keys are sent out until the end of beta, but if you have signed up like a week ago, you might have mistyped your email and should try again.

Stance on key selling?
We will be banning people we find selling their keys.

Other races?
Right now its just humans, but we may be adding new races later on. There were suggestions of Elves.

How balanced the game is?
We’ve made some changes, you will find out when you try the game, but we expect to get feedback about the balance in our official discord.


[00:07:30 – 00:11:30] Going over LUA types , idle animations, voices
[00:11:30 – 00:22:40] Creating character, new icons / customization, UI changes etc
[00:22:40 – 00:23:50] Tutorial Belatos Fight
[00:23:50 – 00:24:50] Going through the newly added Settings UI, Eldeka and launching a mission
[00:24:50 – 01:02:00] Just some mission gameplay on various maps
[01:02:00 – 01:03:00] SPOILERS!!!
[01:03:00 – 01:06:00] Showing how the new Upgrade system, new NPC affinity system works
[00:49:20 – 00:55:00] RIP testserver, the server crashed and GM Rush and GM Pie is doing some smalltalk till it comes back up
[01:43:00 – 01:44:40] Finishing words, ending the stream