Lots of questions and answers in last night’s surprise stream.

[KurtzPelTV | Pre-beta Stream Feb 12th Recap]
from www.twitch.tv/videos/379752671

GM Rush (on the left) and GM Pie (on the right) held a suprise stream for the community regarding the upcoming closed beta. You can find the video on the bottom of this post, below you will find most of the questions asked and answered during the stream.

KurtzPel now has an official Discord server: https://discord.gg/RCmjSst
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Will progress during CBT be carried over?
No, your characters and progression will be wiped.

Did you do anything with the optimization on the game?
We have added Graphics, Resolution, Sound settings.

When is the next stream?
On February 14th, a Valentine’s Day special PST timezone.

Is the Closed Beta ready?
Not yet, the game build is still getting prepared as of Feb 12th.

What are the chances of getting into the CBT?
If you have signed up by Feb. 11th you have about 90% chance of getting selected, the servers are prepared for a lot of people.

Will there be IP block or region restriction?
No, this beta will be global.

Will there be english voice acting?
No, only korean for now, english is still being recorded.

Guild System?
Not ready yet, it might come later, but not in the current build.

Will there be Gacha?
Not decided yet, but the game’s cash shop will stay away from Pay-to-win.

Can you set up custom matches?
No system for this yet, it is possible to get in queue with your friends.

Will there be 1v1s?

Is there a way to customize the color of your costumes?
Yes, there will be a dye system in beta.

What is KurtzPel’s business model?
Not decided yet, please vote in the official discord’s poll. Altough Free-to-play brings more people, it may bring the worse kind of people that KOG does not want.

Will you be able to stream the closed beta test?
Yes, no NDA, you are free to stream the game.

What are your plans for KurtzPel’s future content updates?
KurtzPel is set to be a PvP focused game, so we will be updating the PvP aspects of KurtzPel the most.

Are there going to be more classes before launch?

Will I be able to pre-download the game?
Yes, once you receive your key you will be able to download it, you have a week to get it.

Will there be Ranked mode for PvP?
Not sure yet.

Will you be giving out content creator roles / have a partner system for content creators?
If we decide to do so yes, but the selection will be done by the amount and quality of content created by individual creators.

Will beta have some balance changes?
Yes, there are balance changes, exact list will come later.

What new features will beta have?
This beta will have actual progression, to show the flow of the game. You will have to unlock costumes via NPC Affinity system.

How will PvE look like in the future?
It will be more like Monster Hunter games, where you fight a boss but there will be no minions/trash mobs.


Will KurtzPel be available in other countries? Such as Russia, Brasil?
Make sure to follow and wishlist KurtzPel on Steam, that is a huge indicator of interest to KOG, so they may decide to bring it to those regions most interested.

How will the PvE gear progression work? Endgame?
At the end, there will be not much diffrence, everyone will have the same gear. Gear will not matter in PvP, its a skill based game.

Is PvP Peer-to-peer or server side?
It is server sided, no p2p.

Where are the servers located?
Not specified exactly, but there are servers in both EU and NA.

Enhance system?
No enchanting RNG based systems, its a game focused around PvP.

Will there be bigger parties?
Maybe, but for now the game is 2v2 focused.

Can you get all the karmas on one character or create multiple?
You can earn every single karma on one character.

How long will the closed beta last?
It will last 5 days, starting on February 20th and the servers will be online all day. No exact time of server opening yet.

So is KurtzPel GrandChase 2.0?
Well, its a parallel universe, but not the same.

What is the Rebirth system?
You can Rebirth to reset progress, to unlock different cosmetics and change your character’s personality.

Is there a voice chat in KurtzPel?
No, there isn’t.

Will there be skins/cosmetics for weaponry?
Because the stats don’t matter much, yes there are several different skins for weapons and lots of costumes.

Is there a title system in the game?
Currently no, there is nothing like that.

World Chat?
There is region and party chat channels. No global world chat yet(?).

Can auto-targeting be disabled?
Yes, I think we have added it in the settings.

Controller support in CBT?
We are looking into it.

You can watch the full VOD of the stream here: