Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated: 2019.04.23

When will KurtzPel be released?
KurtzPel will go into Early Access phase on 2019. april 30th for North American & South American users. The game will have a region block. European version will release in June and Asia/OCE version will release in July. The game will have English and Korean voice acting.

Will there be founder packs or something similar?
Yes, Early Access will have Founder Packs up until official release. Price is revealed on April 30th.

Why can’t I access the game?
Beta has recently ended and you’ll need to wait for the early access.

CBT has ended. Q: How can I get a key?
As stated above; Beta has recently ended, meaning that there will be no keys until further notice for another test.

Will there be any tests? 
The first North American Closed Alpha was announced on Oct. 27th 2018, took place during Nov. 15th – 18th 2018 on Steam.
The second Closed Alpha test phase was for Europe, announced on Dec. 8th 2018, took place during Dec. 14th – 16th 2018 on Steam.
The global Closed Beta was announced for Global audience on Jan 31st 2019, took place during Feb. 20th – 25th 2019 on Steam.
There will be no more test phases, game will go into early access during 2019.

Was there a wipe for the beta?
Yes. The beta was mainly to test the servers limits and connection, although it was also to balance the Karmas and further refine the game. The only things you will get from the beta is a sprout (a head cosmetic), and if you stayed B rank or higher before the end of the beta, you would receive a dagger (a cosmetic for the waist, not a karma weapon). When the Early Access is available, you must login within the first 90 days of the Early Access begins in with the same account used during the CBT in order to claim the prize.

What is KurtzPel?
KurtzPel (Korean: 커츠펠, lit. KurtzPel), also known as KurtzPel -Bringer of Chaos-, is an upcoming online PC game developed by KOG Studios. Nothing much is known about KurtzPel other than being KOG’s first dual action battle game which inherits the action of Grand Chase and Elsword. The main attraction of the game is the seamless action packed combat system and their visual techniques. According to the published information, it is placed in a parallel world to Grand Chase ‘s world view, and KurtzPel’s world is called Erthesia. “Kurtzpel” is also known to have known and pursued the truths of the hidden world for a long time.

What is KurtzPel’s “Dual Action Combat”? 
Dual Action Combat means that you will be doing dungeons and pvp in duos. Bringing 2 karmas each, you will rely on your duo partner, so you need to bring the most sufficient classes/karmas in.

Can you play with a controller?
Yes, the game supports controllers. Xbox, Playstation, etc all work.

What is a ‘Karma / Karma Fragment’? 
Karmas are your classes, they decide what weapon and skills you can use. You can start with greatsword ‘Sword of Talaimh’ or longbow ‘Dance of Wind’ and do missions with Ancient Kurtzpels to unlock new karmas(weapons). You can unlock every karma on a single character and switch between them anytime. To unlock various karma fragments(skills) you will have to go through missions with characters to gain Affinity.

Where to download the game / register an account? How much will the game be?
The game will be released on Steam, you will use a Steam account to play. The pricing / business model is undecided yet.