Frequently Asked Questions

When will KurtzPel be released?
No ETA or a release date yet, KOG announced that the game will be released on Steam for EU/NA. First beta is NA only.

When will the first Closed Beta happen? 
The first closed beta was announced on October 27th, 2018 and it will take place during 2018. November 15th – November 18th for North American Region on Steam.

What is KurtzPel?
KurtzPel (Korean: 커츠펠, lit. KurtzPel), also known as KurtzPel -Bringer of Chaos-, is an upcoming online PC game developed by KOG Studios. Nothing much is known about KurtzPel other than being KOG’s first dual action battle game which inherits the action of Grand Chase and Elsword. The main attraction of the game is the seamless action packed combat system and their visual techniques. According to the published information, it is placed in a parallel world to Grand Chase ‘s world view, and KurtzPel’s world is called Erthesia. “Kurtzpel” is also known to have known and pursued the truths of the hidden world for a long time.

What is KurtzPel’s “Dual Action Combat”? 
Dual Action Combat means that you will be doing dungeons and pvp in duos. Bringing 2 karmas each, you will rely on your duo partner, so you need to bring the most sufficient classes/karmas in.

Can you play with a controller?
Yes, the game will support Microsoft’s Xbox controllers natively. No word on other manufacturers yet.

What is a ‘Karma / Karma Fragment’? 
Karmas in KurtzPel are basically your classes. You can start with greatsword ‘Sword of Talaimh’ and do favors / missions with specific NPCs in the world to gain their karmas, a.k.a. weapons/classes. You will be able to get different karma fragments(a karma fragment is basically a skill) through an NPC favor system.

Where to download the game / register an account?
The game will be available on Steam, you will be using your Steam account to play.