With the upcoming Synthesis(Crafting) system on Sept. 10th, there is a new event where you can collect Hildad’s Lost Pieces.

2019.08.28 After Maintenance ~
2019.09.10 Before Maintenance

You can get 2x Hildad’s Lost Piece upon logging in each day.
The rest have to be farmed, PVE / PVP missions have a 30% chance to drop a Hildad’s Lost Piece.

When Synthesis comes, you can craft these pieces into Hildad’s Earring.
# of Lost Pieces required to craft Hildad’s Earring: 40
Hildad’s Earring can only be crafted from Sep 10th Update to before Sep 25th Update. After the Sep 25th Update, the option to craft Hildad’s Earring will be removed.