EU Alpha test confirmed, schedule, dates and signup in the post.

From KurtzPel’s Facebook page: 

Hello Chasers,
We are already at the last month of 2018. The KurtzPel team successfully completed the NA Alpha Test along with G-Star 2018.
We are currently hard at work to reflect your valuable feedback you have provided for during the NA Alpha Test and we hope to meet you again with an improved version.
When we announced our NA region Alpha Test, we had a lot of requests to host Alpha Tests in other regions and as promised during our Livestreams on Twitch, we are going to be hosting another Alpha Test.
This Alpha Test will be for the EU region. As we already previously explained, the reason for the region lock is to test our current data center’s capabilities as well as stability. For extra information, our EU server is located in Germany.
We will host the EU Alpha Test during the following dates.
December 14th – 16th 8 Hours Each Day Please see below for the timetable.
You can sign up for the EU Alpha Test from the below link.

The Alpha Test Spec will be exactly the same as the NA Alpha, so you can find more information about it here:

Also, same as the NA Alpha Test, this EU Alpha Test will be region locked via Steam, so for those of you eagerly waiting to try KurtzPel, give us a bit more time and we’ll bring you an Alpha Test in the near future. We hope you see you in Eltheca.