Ever since the announcement of KurtzPel at G-Star, the fans of Elsword were not pleased by the fact that KOG is developing a new game with similiar assets, setting and characters. Also the lack of PvE previews raised concerns, but that was later dismissed by the videos released about PvE missions(altough people still want better content).


A little backstory: KOG had Grand Chase as their main game for a long while, they built up a lore, characters and an overall world that was loved by many players back then. After a few years with Grand Chase, they developed a new game called Elsword and slowly transitioned the characters, lore and other aspects of Grand Chase to Elsword. Later on KOG decided to close Grand Chase after splitting the fanbase, most people moved on to Elsword.

There is a post about how KOG recycled old animations and gfx for the new game. It shows animations from Elsword that look the same as shown in KurtzPel’s previews. We will embed a few of the gifs below.

Another outrage happened when KOG announced the witch character called Marian Vendor. This time, people were annoyed by how much she was sexualized as a woman and her panties are showing.


Source(s): Reddit, Namu wiki, dcinside