Early Access Update Stream 8 Notes

This week’s stream was hinted with the announcement, two simple words: Dual Souls Coming soon!

Side note: You’ll receive the necklaces when the event ends if you have the achievements.

1. They’re in the talks for Japanese dubs but as paid DLC because Japanese dubs are very very expensive.
2. Capture the flag: Removing CTF is not an option but all feedback has been noted from all social media platforms. CTF Feedback/Suggestions channel will open in the Discord. They will try to revamp it along with conquest. The reason why its not being removed from official probatio is because the Dev’s team goal is not just to have players kill, but to strategize as well. Please give your suggestions to be taken into consideration.
3. New Dual Souls Gameplay shown! The full clip will most likely be posted on youtube or the official website but here’s a clip (spared you all from the D Rank gameplay part):

4. They’re looking into the Gauntlet issues.
5. Its taking time to look into the desync and ping issues because they’re trying to apply the fix globally. 6. Guilds are being worked on, no exact date yet.
7. CP Cost still being discussed for Dual Souls, won’t be the same price.
8. Still working on hiding accessories. 9. We got :Jebaited: and another clip was shown:



10. Custom keybinds are being worked on