Early Access Update Stream 7 Notes

This weeks Stream is about upcoming Summer Updates! According to GM Pie, GM Rush ditched us to go to E3 this Stream. Have fun lining up at the Pokemon booth. Lets get into it!

1. SERVER SELECTION IS COMING! You can choose your own server now to play with your friends however you’ll have to start over. There’ll be no progress transfer. Items can be transferred via Steam Inventory.
2. PvE will be coming to custom missions.
3. Dual Souls will be coming in Early July! It will not be free, expect to grind CP/AP or purchase with money.
4. The same time Dual Souls comes, emotes and a ping system will be coming.
5. A friendslist will also be implemented early July.
6. New PvE mode: Boss Rush – Bosses will keep coming!
7. Conquest is getting a revamp and 1 new map. This will be coming soon. It will also return to Official Probatio aka ranked mode.
8. Guild System will be coming soon. You can see the Roadmap for the points above in the picture
9. Team training room is also being worked on.
10. Party member size increased to 3 is being looked into.
11. They’re looking into button layouts/keybinds because they were unaware of the keyboard layout difference in some regions.
12. Server locations: Asia servers are in Japan and Singapore. For EU its in Germany.
13. Dual Souls comes with 3 new PvE missions. 2 out of the 3 bosses were revealed in a previous Stream Update.
14. A costume design contest will definitely be held in the future.
15. More races in character creation are being worked on (not a priority atm).
16. Still finalizing the costs for Dual Souls (Definitely lower than 75k CP/AP).
17. Swim Suit Summer Costumes are a maybe (GM Jeff wants it).
18. Twitch Prime rewards are being looked into.
19. Emotes may be added in the CP Boxes.
20. They’ll think about CTF changes after they complete the revamp for Conquest.
21. The ping will be shown as a HUD indicator once server switching comes out.
22. Guild housing/customization will be considered.
23. Matchmaking for PvP prioritizes your rank. If there aren’t enough players of the same rank queueing, it will queue you against players of other ranks.
24. Battle Pass is a maybe.
25. Players who did not receive compensation needs to put in a ticket so that the Support Team can ask for certain info. The compensation will not be given out immediately.
26. Dual Souls is needed to be unlocked to do the new PvE missions.
27. They’re looking into the collision issue with Instant Chase/Reckless charge.

If you have bugs, please upload a video to Youtube and send them in a ticket or Bug Reports on Discord so that the issue can be fixed. It makes it infinitely more easier to address/fix.