Early Access Update Stream 5 Notes

*This one is a short one compared to last Stream, mostly Q/A. Let’s get into it: *

1) Back Attack will likely not return
2) Aerial escapes will likely not make it into the game. The devs are looking into other ways of balancing infinite combos.
3) If pets were implemented, they won’t have any sort of functionality.
4) Workshop has been considered but they need to weigh the benefits.
5) Air recovery didn’t exist in the game prior so if it were to be implemented, it might completely destroy the balance of the game so if they were to implement it, it would have to be done in a certain way.
6) No ETA for new races.
7) GM Pie is going to try to get a roadmap for things that will come for upcoming streams and possible release times for new content.
8) GM Pie would like to focus more on DM/current modes before expanding on to new modes.
9) The guild system is being worked on.
10) It is unsure if a traditional dungeon will be implemented but its possible.
11) Its possible DM may be the only mode for rank climbing but not at the moment.
12) They’re looking into the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. issue. For now please be patient and bare with them.
13) There will be tournaments for every region eventually.

Tournament on June 1st at 5 PM Pacific Time (PDT). Be sure to tune in! There’ll be a global reward, the Wheel of Truth Necklace, that will be given to all players once the stream reaches 2500 concurrent viewers!