Here are the key points for Early Access Update Stream 4 and boy is it a big one:

Early Access Update Stream 4 Notes


I pressed the wrong button. Hello? Hello?? – GM Pie

Unfortunately its not thigh slider time… Not yet at least.


This will be the first official maintenance after all the emergency maintenance we’ve been getting.Note: Most requested/feedback that has been addressed in this Stream has been bolded.


  • There will be tiers of partners and it will be selective. More news about it will be coming soon.

  • The Stat redistribution will be added to the game for the cost of CP. The cost will be told at a later date. Pie said that the cost will be do-able unlike the initial 75K Karma grind. It can be done at the Tome in the library located in the Hub.

  • Supply boxes will be opened slightly differently. A new supply box UI will be implemented so that you can open the Supply boxes in game instead of through steam. It will be more easily accessible and the item will appear in your inventory first now rather than the steam inventory. If you wish to sell, you’ll have to move it from your In-game inventory to your Steam inventory.

  • Exclusive CP and AP supply boxes will be added and purchasable in game. AP will work differently for the boxes, you will have to fill a separate AP gauge in order to purchase AP supply boxes. Unfortunately your current AP will not be use-able, it will be as if the boxes have their own AP (like NPC affinity). These boxes will be called basic supply boxes and they differ from advanced supply boxes because it will have lower drop rates. Advanced supply boxes will also be purchasable but will cost significantly more than Basic Supply boxes.

  • 4 New items will be added to the Supply boxes, 1 new weapon for each Karma.

  • A function will be added to get up to 5 dyes at once rather than 1 from Supply boxes.

  • The drop rates for weapons for weapon boxes are being changed. After June 5th, it will be 16% rather than 8%. The percent of getting dye will be 20% rather than the previous 25%.

  • The same change will be applied for the Costume box. 41% for a costume piece, previously 40% and the Dyes will be lowered to 22% from their current rate.

  • Currently only PvP affects rank, now there will be casual matchmaking that will not affect ranks. Casual matchmaking will be limited to only 3v3 for now, its entirely for fun.

  • Conquest is being removed from Official Ranked PvP. Only Deathmatch and CTF. Conquest will be revamped and added later. It will remain in casual matchmaking.

  • Changes to PvP: The comeback mechanic that allowed players to get more points at a faster rate is removed.

  • Death timer will not exceed 10 seconds anymore if you die a lot.

  • The timer in Conquest will be slower and the grey area will also be decreased in Casual Mode.

  • A function to view player info will be added to the lobby so you can stalk what people in the hub wear.

  • A kill feed/log is being added so now you know when someone is dead.

  • Screenshot mode will be implemented to hide the UI.

  • Compensation outfits will be coming on June 5th. It will also be purchasable separately for those who didn’t buy the two Karmas. Limited time sale until July 31st. The costume set also comes with underwear and the burgundy color will be changed when dyed. This set is known as the Silver Winged Knight Set. The price will come at a later date for those who wish to purchase it.


Silverwing Knights Outfit Set (Compensation Costume)


  • ASIA RELEASE WILL NOW BE JUNE 5TH EVERYONE CAN NOW PLAY! Except… Belgium, Netherlands, Isle of Man, and Korea due to legal reasons. There are different plans for Korea. The other 3 countries have legal issues with Random supply boxes in gaming. It will release at 9 AM PDT Global (Do the time conversions). The regions cannot be changed due to ping issues so no server changes. Server locations will be revealed at a later date.

  • Dual Souls, Emotes, and Guild info will come soonish.

  • GM Jeff just spoiled and said Dual Souls will be coming sometime this Summer.

  • They’re looking into a way to separate lobbies based on language.

  • They heard about the infinite Combos and are thinking of ways to fix it.

  • First ever Event!: Memorial Day Event. To celebrate and to apologize to people that bought Supply boxes and got 1 dye each, there will be a log-in event for each day starting tomorrow, Saturday and will last 3 days. Log in for a total of 1 hour to get 1 dye of each tier per day. 1 Adv Costume supply box if you log-in for all days. If you don’t get a notification about getting the dye, worry not, it will still be in your inventory. This event will only be for NA/SA.

  • Korean text will be removed in-game. Voice-overs will remain.


Next week Saturday on June 1st, there will be an Official KurtzPel PvP Tournament by KOG. Sign up will open early next week. Make sure to sign up if you think you’re good enough! GM Rush and Faviahn will be the hosts. There will be a milestone viewership event. If the goal is met, everyone, globally, will receive a custom in-game accessory.


General Reminder for everyone: If you’re VPN-ing into different servers, you’ll have to start over in your local server. Please be sure to relay feedback. Provide constructive Feedback with video proof as this will work in your favor so that they can address things properly. GMs are always listening.


Be sure to follow the Stream at Twitch to get all the latest news for Early Access and check out the VOD for the streams. Lastly, Be sure to join the Discord to participate in polls and engage with the community (Just be sure to read #faq and #questions pinned before asking “Why can’t I download the game!”)!