Here are the key points for Early Access Update Stream 2:


  • The Dev team is working on better optimizing matchmaking, so NA and SA players don’t have to meet each other in PvP/PvE queues.
  • Compensation outfit for DLC Karma buyers will be ready on June 5th, when the EU server launches. It will be purchasable in the shop at a later date.
  • Looking into implementing the ability to dye different parts of costumes/accessories, multi-layered dye.
  • Showed off a TON of the Supply Box costumes and accessories.


Here are some of the cosmetic items that were shown on Stream:


Compensation Outfit


Partnership Cape


New Supply Box Gauntlets


New Supply Box Sword


Here’s an Imgur Album containing all the cosmetics shown on Stream:

Cosmetics from the Advanced Supply Box


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