Early Access Update Stream 16 Notes

No Video this week but look forward to next week as we may be surprised.

Snitches get stitches, who snitched on GM Pie for showing us how the hammer emblem is going to look like :rage: (It wasn’t me I promise don’t tell Pie pls).

Congrats to Wanderyen for winning the Costume design contest. The male version will be implemented around the 4th quarter of this year. No promises that the weapons will be implemented.

Hello Chasers!We are here with you today to announce the winner for the Costume Contest!Do you already have a…

Közzétette: KurtzPel – 2019. szeptember 25., szerda

Phase 2 of the Proving Grounds starts this Saturday. If you want to know what will be tested in the second phase, the patch notes can be found here:


No further news on Hammer just yet, look forward to next week!