Early Access Update Stream 15 Notes

The new Karma has finally been officially confirmed! Sacred GuardianLime, wielder of the Giant Hammer Karma.

The test server begins this Saturday. If you signed up for it, please check your spam folder to see if you got it in case if you forgot or haven’t received an invitation yet.

If you’ve played Grand Chase you’re probably familiar with Lime…except… She’s matured (Just kidding, apparently her slider bar is all the way to the left, I hope you’re happy you loli lovers).

1. Its going to be a hammer Karma – a magic breaker. It’ll have rushing and healing capabilities. It’ll essentially be a Support Karma. Lime will be carrying over a specific theme from Grand Chase. There’ll be 3 new PvE missions.

2. There will be a pre-event next week where you can get lost pieces that will be used to synthesize a special hammer for Sacred Guardian and get advanced supply boxes for Sacred Guardian.

The release date for the Sacred Guardian, Lime, is October 10 (9 for the U.S)!

A new KurtzPel Intelligence Briefing was also revealed. (P.S GM Mosh-Up does the voice for the briefing videos, ASMR Package coming soon).

The Karma isn’t polished enough to show so we won’t be seeing it yet this stream but next week we’ll see footage.