Early Access Update Stream 14 Notes

Next week’s patch is a bit earlier than usual. It will be this coming Monday in the US and Tuesday in EU and Asia.

1. The new crafting system is coming called Synthesis. Hildad’s cube will be used to craft PvE items located in the Library in the hub. You will craft the items using the PvE item drops in the missions, something similar to tokens in order to craft. You will also get some crafting materials to craft supply box items. The cost of the materials will depend on the item thats being crafted.

2. The sub Karma crystal system is being changed. The sub crystals now count towards the entire karma instead of the specific skill. The same sub karmas can no longer be equipped but you will have 3 slots. Existing Sub Karma crystals will have some stats modified/changed.

3. New Sub Karma crystals will be added and can be crafted through the new Synthesis system.

4. The Elaum Ore will be used in the Synthesis system so you can see what it will be used to craft.

5. With the new Synthesis system, you can now craft higher tier dyes using previous tier dyes, ie. Basic to Intermediate and Intermediate to Advanced (Current cost unknown).

6. Phase 1 of the Guild system will be implemented. The basic guild system will be added but later on there’ll be some stuff added like Guild wars etc. which is why this will be phase 1. Other guild updates will come in the future with more features.

7. The phase 1 guild system will include creating a guild with a 10K CP cost. For now the maximum guild member capacity is 50. Guild chat will also be implemented.

8. A basic guild ranking system will be in place. 10% of your AP gain will go towards guilds and will count towards guild AP. It will NOT be taken away from your AP, it will just count for your guild. Guild AP will reset every month at 6 AM server time.
9. Members will automatically be kicked from the guild if inactive for 30 days.

10. As a sneak peek, Phase 2 will have guild only channels and content that will allow the use of guild AP.

11. Max Party size is increased to 6. Depending on the number of people in the party, the content access will changed aka, 3 players in the party won’t let you do 2 player missions.

12. A new setting called map preferences will be added for Official Probatio. You will be able to select 2 maps to thumb down and there will be a high chance you will not get that map. If you aren’t matched into a game fast enough, you will eventually get that map. The preferences of party members will also affect the preferred map. This is the compromise for allowing players to choose modes.

13. Survival mode can now be started with 9 players. The max number is 18 but if 9 people accepted and 9 people declined, 9 people will start the match instead of being put back into the queue. If matchmaking takes too long and there’s 9 or more people, the match prompt will pop up.

14. There is a change to supply boxes, beginning the next update, karma crystals and sub karma crystals will be removed from the supply boxes since it can now be crafted.

15. The 6 player PvE mission will be called the Blazing Blade of Calamity and the boss name is Knight of Calamity. The minimum requirement to play this mode is D Rank. There is 4 phases, the probability of the reward will be affected by each phase cleared. The reward of this mission is a whole costume set.

For each completed phase, these rewards will be available:
Phase 1: Gloves.
Phase 2: Gloves, Shoes, & Armor.
Phase 3: Gloves, Shoes, Armor, Mask, & Horns.
Phase 4: Gloves, Shoes, Armor, Mask, Horns, Undergarment, Wings, & Face plate.
16. They’re working on making multiple areas dye-able. Its a slow process so it will take some time since the game was initially build on single area dyes.

17. INVISIBLE ACCESSORIES ARE BEING ADDED through Synthesis! Which means you will be able to hide accessories etc.

18. Friends list increase will not be coming yet but soon possibly.

These are some bug fixes coming next update, more can be read on the Patch Notes:

19. Hit register will now be server side instead of client side, this will fix ghost hits.

20. Fast falls are still being looked into but it seems to be an issue with Unreal Engine.

21. Sound linger from moonslash will be fixed.

*Hint: Pie said Scythe and Axe are not magical, so those are debunked. In 2 weeks they will possibly be able to drop a hint. *

Knight of Calamity Armor set:

Knight of Calamity Set