Early Access Update Stream 13 Notes

This weeks Stream is a sneak preview. Next week will be a stream with bigger announcements!

Reminder that the following Events are going on:

KurtzPel Survival Mode Video Contest: https://steamcommunity.com/games/844870/announcements/detail/1615024670116470634

KurtzPel Costume Design Contest: https://www.kurtzpel.com/2019/08/global-kurtzpel-costume-design-contest/

Also there is a test server, sign up if you would like to be selected to provide feedback on future patches in sessions: https://www.kurtzpel.com/tester/

Originally, the upcoming update was supposed to happen on September 4th but it has been delayed to September 9th. What will be coming on the September 9th update will be discussed next week.
There will be a new mode (6 man PvE content aka raid boss) and new costumes.

There was a bug that allowed people to party with multiple people, that bug is actually a feature that will be implemented in the upcoming patch. Survival will still be 1 person queue until they implement team survival.

They’re still trying to optimize servers and are aware there’s still latency issues. Please be patient as they’re trying their best.

Hint: Guilds will have rankings and will be reset more frequent than PvP rankings. There may be a guild channel, not confirmed.

Here’s raw footage of the 6 Man PvE we will be getting, the boss has 4 Phases:
Clips 1-4 is Phases 1-3:

Clips 5 & 6 is Phase 4: