Early Access Update Stream 12 Notes
They’re constantly working on balance changes and they’re working on the fast fall issue. Please report them in #server_issue_report so that they can investigate further
Congratulations to the Blazing Summer Creative Contest winners for this week!
2. Faith & Kerixes (Faith wanted Kerixes to be the one to receive the reward.)
3. tokuu
4. Noct1s
5. Petralicious
On to the notes!
1. Maintenance on the 20th and 21st with new PvP Mode Kardia Island Shore. It will be a separate queue from Official Probatio. 18 Player Free-For-All. The objective is to become the last one standing. The longer you survive, the better the reward. If you deliver a final blow, your HP gets restored and you get a buff that can stack up to 10 times. If you kill an enemy with a buff, you will receive their buff. When you die, you can choose to spectate or leave and you will still receive your reward.
2. Weekly challenges are getting a fix, some stuff will be removed that doesn’t make sense.
3. Survival mode will be getting challenges.
4. There will be a survival mode event. You’ll get a dark meditate emote as a reward.
5. There will be another event for playing Official Probatio a certain number of times. The emote will be “Lit” which will be similar to the salt emote except you will sprinkle embers.
6. There will be an event for PvE. By completing PvE missions a certain number of times, you will get a head accessory which will be a sword going through your head.
7. Pre-event for crafting system which will be called Synthesis. There will be items dropping at the end of each PvE and PvP missions that can be collected to make an earring.
8. Everyday if you log in and stay on for 30 minutes, you will get a CP/AP Boost. The event will last until September 3-4 which will be the next big update.
Guild system is still being finalized. There will be some good updates in September and November. They’re looking into multi-layer dyes but there’s some technical difficulties that they would need to resolve first. New Karmas will come out in the same format as Dual Souls and will cost the same. Maybe a private test environment for new Karmas when the next karma comes out.