Early Access Update Stream 10 Notes
We’ve made it to 10 Update Streams since Early Access began! Onward with the news! I present to you… Roadmap 2!
GM Pie is not back yet from the great beyond so we will see him next week. Today’s stream will address some concerns and some explanations as well as upcoming future content.
August: 1. PvP Season 1 will begin!
PvP season will last 3-4 months. There will be 2 rewards, one based on your rank and the second reward will be on your season level. Its unsure if there will be a hard or soft reset on ranks each season. More details will come soon when it begins. Season levels will come from the new achievement system which will come in August.
Let us know in the feedback section if you want a hard or soft reset for ranks every season.
2. The Achievement system will work like the steam achievements but there will be 2 kinds. One will reset every season and tie into your season level, the second type, normal achievements, will be more like steam achievements but won’t reset at the end of the season.
3. Free-for-all Survival: A new PvP mode where multiple players will come together to compete, it could be last man standing, a point system, damage points based, or kills based. More info will come later. Basically KurtzPel Battle Royale (Yes they trolled us. This is why Pie isn’t here).
4. Conquest mode revamp is coming along with a new map!. It is now changed to a point system. It is completely revamped.
5. A HIGHLY REQUESTED FEATURE! Keyboard key customizations but… gamepads will not be supported YET.
6. New Boss Rush map along with a new reward.
7. SUMMER COSTUMES! Swimsuits are coming up in August! Get ready for those beach bods, be sure to wear sunscreen.


8. The Guild System will be coming in September (First update perhaps).
9. A 6 player PvE mode will be coming along with the Guild update! The boss(es) will be designed so that if you’re not on top of your patterns, callouts, mechanics, you will fail. This may require multiple types of karmas and involve switches. It will be quite challenging and difficult. In order to play this mode, you must be a certain rank or higher.
10. A crafting system will be implemented in September. In-game rewards will be adjusted to be craft-able (No, not like minecraft or monster hunter). These will be cosmetic only. 11. New weapons, costumes, and accessories will be added. Supply box items will be rotating. There may be exclusive items in rotation and may feature some crossover items from other places.
October: October is not exactly laid out but this is whats beyond September or a “coming soon”.
12. NEW KARMA! Magic attack Breaker. Diabolic Witch will no longer be alone.
13. There will be 3 new PvE missions coming out with this Karma. Hint: This Karma has been suggested in the past.
14. A new PvP Mode (Hinted to be a raid style PvP Mode).
Side Note By the GMs:
There are different teams working on different things. Yes, they’re actively working on current issues but it isn’t the same team that is working on releasing new content. Do not fret when new content is released but issues still exist as they’re being worked on by a different team that is working to deal with the issues as soon as possible.
July 17th Maintenance will be another balance update mainly for Dual Souls. – Massacre – Wolf Fang – Demon Mode Next week event, 17th of July after maintenance!
Three week long log-in event (3 Phases): Prizes will be given for being logged in and playing KurtzPel. 30 minutes: 3 basic dye. 60 minutes: 2 intermediate dye. 90 minutes: 1 advanced dye. 120 minutes: 1 gold ring. Only 1 Gold Ring per week.
Week 1: 1 Gold Ring (Plus rewards listed above for the time played).
Week 2: 1 Gold Ring (Plus rewards listed above for the time played).
Week 3: 1 Gold Ring (Plus rewards listed above for the time played).
If two gold rings are obtained at the end of the event, you will receive an advanced Costume Supply Box. If three gold rings are obtained at the end of the event, you will receive a Rebirth ticket. Players will receive both the Rebirth Ticket and the Supply box for all the hours completed or if all 3 rings are obtained.
Test servers are being strongly considered. This will not be limited to G Ranks and it is technically a partner perk. Partnerships may have streamlined access. These are just suggestions but it is not promised. Partner position applications will be opened at a later date.