Here are the key points from the first Update Stream since Early Access for NA/SA!


The Dev Team has strongly taken our feedback into consideration and are going to be changing core aspects of the game. KOG would like to apologize. They had the right intentions and have been developing the game for 3 years but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are done for the right reasons. KOG would like to apologize and Thank you for being here. GET READY MASSIVE CHANGES INCOMING!


KOG would like to apologize for saying it is not P2W and then pulling something like this. There was a lot of heated Discussion and GM Jeff fought like HELL for us. They admit to not taking a better look at the bigger picture and are going to be implementing these changes ASAP. They do not want the game to be grind to win or pay to win. The game was originally created to be Buy to Play but decided to go Free To Play to cater to a greater audience. Please let them know what you would like changed. Keep in mind there are things that will not be agreed to and things that will be agreed to. These changes are something everyone will agree to. They want to let us know they are listening and us being upset makes them upset. GM Pie would like to emphasize “NO PAY TO WIN”.


  • The prices for Fist Karma and Diabolic Witch will be free when it can be implemented. Currently it will still be priced and grindable. It is being worked on with Steam and for those who have spent money, they are making a costume that is equivalent to the Vanguard set. Whoever bought the karmas will be getting a new costume. Players will be getting costumes for compensation for buying them or grinding them. The costume is being made RIGHT NOW so it make take some time. These changes will take some time because they have to go through Steam. It will take a bit of time and this is not an NA Exclusive. People who have bought Founder’s Pack will receive the same level of compensation.

  • A certain function of the Rebirth Ticket is the issue. They did not think it would impact the game as much as it did. Through our feedback we were able to show them this. They are working on a feature to redistributes stats for free.

  • The EA Access release for EU is June 5th.

  • CP/AP Stat Distribution is being aimed to release at the same time as EU Release.

  • EU will be starting fresh in their own server with these changes implemented.

  • Asia is being targeted for July 3rd. New Zealand and Australia will be joining Asian servers.

  • The game booting to solo channel is being worked on.

  • Players who are missing CBT rewards are also being worked on when the issue is found.

  • Please report players who are circumventing or bypassing region locks. There is a support option on the main site to send a support ticket to report these players.

  • When you press ESC in game there is a help button that also allows you to send tickets through there.

  • People who don’t have one costume to fill other accessory slots is an issue. All accessories have the same stats but not having the accessory is the main issue. CP/AP Lootboxes are being developed to purchase in-game so costumes are grind-able.

  • They are working on letting us know what is in the lootboxes so you know what you’re purchasing.

  • They are checking on the latency issues between NA/SA servers. They do have an SA server and are working on the latency SA may be receiving.

  • Social/Community features are being worked on but there is a lot of development that needs to be done before this is implemented.

  • Key Binding is still being pushed.

  • They are looking into the long mission cooldowns.

  • Thigh sliders are not off the table! It is still being discussed.

  • Please report any bugs you find by pressing ESC and clicking the help button. (Joke is you can’t do it while in a party because it makes you leave which is an issue in itself).

  • All future content is possible but it all depends on what is relevant. It is the player’s jobs to provide feedback for what they would like to see in the game.

  • No ETA for Dual Souls yet but it is coming.

  • They would have to figure out how we can hide certain gear as players have requested.


Hint Hint, Please give good reviews on Steam Kappa. Flip those frowns upside down.



  • Blazing Fist and Diabolic Witch will be Free-to-Play. All karmas will be accessible but in the beginning you will still have to choose between sword or bow. They will be updating us in real-time when this will become available.
  • Stat distribution will be a free-to-play feature.
  • To re-emphasize, we will be getting a costume that has not been seen before. We will be shown the costume when they get the final design.
  • The Karmas will be obtainable as it was in CBT (Completing the 3 missions to unlock it).

Please make suggestions in the Discord. If you would like to see something in the game.

Be sure to follow the Stream at Twitch to get all the latest news until Early Access (and maybe after EA) and check out the VOD for the streams. Lastly, Be sure to join the Discord to participate in polls and engage with the community (Just be sure to read #faq and #questions pinned before asking for a Beta key or something)!