This is based on Steam Market / Early Access version. 


IDIconNameDescriptionTradeableMarketableObtained fromSteam Market Link
#240010Official Chaser GauntletAdvanced Gauntlet issued to Official Chaser that has advanced to higher level through Probatio. It allows the Chaser to use more powerful Karma.FALSETRUEAffinity GiftView on Steam
#240020Argart GauntletGauntlet used by Fighter Jin when he was in Argart.FALSETRUEAffinity GiftView on Steam
#240030Jin's Fighter GauntletJin's Gauntlet that he wore during the Great Change. It possesses Jin's combat experience based on Argart Gauntlet.FALSETRUEAffinity GiftView on Steam
#240040Rookie Chaser GauntletBasic Gauntlet issued to a KurtzPel when they first join the Chase. It's useful for rookie Karma users.FALSEFALSEReward for mission: Rescue Ancient KurtzPel 3View on Steam
#540000Steel Armor GauntletRoughly designed gauntlet made of steel from Elenoa.FALSETRUESupply Box(Blazing Fist)View on Steam
#540010Prerita Guild GauntletGauntlet used by the Prerita Guild of the shores of Endoras.FALSETRUESupply Box(Blazing Fist)View on Steam
#540020Gauntlet of HellisiaAncient gauntlet made with the powers of the Hellisia civilization.FALSETRUESupply Box(Blazing Fist)View on Steam
#540030Royal Guard's GauntletGauntlet that emits pride of the Royal Guards.FALSETRUESupply Box(Blazing Fist)View on Steam
#540040Silver Claw GauntletSilver gauntlet that has sharp claws.FALSETRUESupply Box(Blazing Fist)View on Steam
#540050Boxing GlovesFight gloves used in one of fighting contests called boxing.FALSETRUESupply Box(Blazing Fist)View on Steam
#540060Jin's Rookie Fighter GauntletRookie fighter's gauntlet that Jin used when he was an Ancient KurtzPel.FALSETRUESupply Box(Blazing Fist)View on Steam
#540070Vanguard GauntletA Gauntlet for Vanguards charging at the forefront of battle.FALSETRUEFounder's Pack ExclusiveView on Steam