Karma Crystals

This is based on Steam Market / Early Access version.

IDIconNameDescriptionTradeableMarketableKarmaTypeSteam Market Link
#1130Stun HitSmash down on the enemy to stun the target.FALSETRUEGreatswordKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1140FortitudeIncrease Endurance and Movement Speed for a certain duration.FALSETRUEGreatswordKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1150Land DemolisherStrike ahead, causing the ground around the target to explode.FALSETRUEGreatswordKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1160Infinite BladeCreate an enormous energy blade to thrust the enemy. Increases Attack Range and Damage for a certain duration.FALSETRUEGreatswordUnique Karma CrystalView on Steam
#1200Binding ArrowShoot arrows that decreases movement speed and silences enemies hit.FALSETRUELongBowKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1210Salvo ArrowsWhen aiming, fire multiple arrows.FALSETRUELongBowKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1230Spirit ArrowAim to fire a homing arrow that decreases enemy's Movement Speed.FALSETRUELongBowKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1260Great Archer's SoulUse the power of the Great Archer to shoot homing arrows that quickly strikes your enemy. Increase Action, Spell Interruption, Shooting Speed, and Shooting Range.FALSETRUELongBowUnique Karma CrystalView on Steam
#1300Ice WallSummon a giant ice wall that strikes the target and obstruct their way. You can step over or stand on it.FALSETRUELongStaffKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1330LightningDrop a bolt of lightning on a target that stuns and damages.FALSETRUELongStaffKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1340Black HoleSummon a Black Hole on a targeted area that pulls in enemies then explodes.FALSETRUELongStaffKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1360Demonic AwakeningAwaken your inner chaos and enhance mana usage. Instantly reset all skill cooldown and restores mana. Increase mana and cooldown recovery speed for a set duration.FALSETRUELongStaffUnique Karma CrystalView on Steam
#1420Reckless ChargeGrab the target and charge forward while dragging the target on the ground before throwing the victim in the air. Chase the target after throwing them in the air.FALSETRUEGauntletsKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1430Instant ChaseThrow an Energy Orb. Chase the target hit by the Energy Orb.FALSETRUEGauntletsKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1440Great RetaliationEngage in a powerful area attack that breaks enemy's stance. Activated immediately when attacked while the skill is in effect.FALSETRUEGauntletsKarma CrystalView on Steam
#1470Devoted AwakeningIncrease fighting spirit to the ultimate level, causing explosion when attacking for a certain duration.FALSETRUEGauntletsUnique Karma CrystalView on Steam