This is based on Steam Market / Early Access version. Will be expanded by non-marketable items.


IDIconNameDescriptionTradeableMarketableTypeSteam Market Link
#50000Lire's Flower HeadbandLire's Eryuell Island accessory. It's part of Eryuell archer's standard uniform, but it still shows Lire's personality.FALSETRUEHair-FrontView on Steam
#50010Marian's Flower HeadbandMarian's flower headband. It is designed with Marian's preference in mind.FALSETRUEHair-FrontView on Steam
#50020Crim's Star Hair PinCrim's Idol Hair Pin. It may look flashy, but it's great for stage.FALSETRUEHair-FrontView on Steam
#50030Great Wizard's HornHorn imbued with the magical powers of Dark Warlock Luin.FALSETRUEHair-FrontView on Steam
#50040Vanguard SproutA mark of gratitude given to Chasers who participated in the Global CBT.FALSETRUEHair-FrontView on Steam
#840000Frill Ribbon HeadbandFrill headband tied in place with string ribbon.FALSETRUEHair-SideView on Steam
#840010Cherry Blossom Hair PinCherry blossom design hair pin.FALSETRUEHair-SideView on Steam
#840020Cherry Blossom Hair AccessoryCherry blossom design hair accessory.FALSETRUEHair-SideView on Steam
#840030Ring of AngleRing shaped accessory that gives divine glow on top of the hair.FALSETRUEHair-SideView on Steam
#840040Gold Crown PinGold crown shaped hair accessoryFALSETRUEHair-SideView on Steam