This is based on Steam Market / Early Access version. Will be expanded by non-marketable items.


IDIconNameDescriptionTradeableMarketableTypeSteam Market Link
#70000Rookie Chaser Eye PatchBasic Eye Patch issued to a KurtzPel when they first join the Chase. It's useful for rookie Karma users.FALSEFALSEFace-TopView on Steam
#70010Wind Guardian's MaskMask imbued with the natural powers of the Wind Guardian.FALSETRUEFace-TopView on Steam
#70020Ensher's Round GlassesRound Glasses worn by the Chase's Commander, EnsherFALSETRUEFace-TopView on Steam
#860000Hair BandBasic hair band with multiple use.FALSETRUEFace-TopView on Steam
#860010Framed GlassesNerdy framed glasses.FALSETRUEFace-TopView on Steam
#860020Elenoa Plated Armor VisorRoughly designed plated armor visor made of steel from Elenoa.FALSETRUEFace-TopView on Steam