This is based on Steam Market / Early Access version. Will be expanded by non-marketable items.


IDIconNameDescriptionTradeableMarketableTypeSteam Market Link
#80000Rookie Chaser MaskBasic Mask issued to a KurtzPel when they first join the Chase. It's useful for rookie Karma users.FALSEFALSEFace-BottomView on Steam
#80010Official Chaser MaskAdvanced Mask issued to an Official Chaser who advanced to a higher rank through Probatio. It allows Chasers to use powerful Karma.FALSEFALSEFace-BottomView on Steam
#80020Leorgea's MaskMask made of the chin bone of Leorgea.FALSETRUEFace-BottomView on Steam
#870000Gas MaskGas mask that has both stylish and rebellious design.FALSETRUEFace-BottomView on Steam
#870010Elenoa Plated Armor MaskRoughly designed plated armor mask made of steel from Elenoa.FALSETRUEFace-BottomView on Steam
#870020Checkered Eye PatchLarge checkered design eye patch.FALSETRUEFace-BottomView on Steam
#870030Cotton MaskSanitary mask made of 100% cotton.FALSETRUEFace-BottomView on Steam
#870040Twin Gem EarringsEarrings ornamented with twin gemstones.FALSETRUEFace-BottomView on Steam
#870050Vanguard MaskA Mask for Vanguards charging at the forefront of battle.FALSETRUEFace-BottomView on Steam