This is based on Steam Market / Early Access version. Will be expanded by non-marketable items.


IDIconNameDescriptionTradeableMarketableTypeSteam Market Link
#110000Ethan's Double BeltA double belt that Ethan made after he joined the Chase. It is very durable thanks to Marian's alchemy.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110010Marian's Fox TailMarian's fox tail. It is designed with Marian's preference in mind.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110020Basic Chaser Symbol (Leg)Leg Band with the Basic Chase SymbolFALSEFALSEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110030Intermediate Chaser Symbol (Leg)Leg Band with the Intermediate Chase SymbolFALSEFALSEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110040Advanced Chaser Symbol (Leg)Leg Band with the Advanced Chase SymbolFALSEFALSEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110050Crim's Chase WaistbandChase symbol waistband tied with ribbon knot on Crim's waist.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110060Black Panther's TailTail of the Giant Black Panther, the beast of divinity worshiped by the Shadow Eodel.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110070Lantern of UndeadLantern imbued with the souls of the Undead.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110080Vanguard Ceremonial BladeA Ceremonial Blade bestowed to those who have achieved honor and become a high rank Chaser during the Global CBT.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#110090Jin's Fighter SashFighter's sash worn by Jin around the waist during the Great Change. It is martial arts uniform with Jin's flame symbol.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900000Rope BeltWaist belt made of rope.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900010Chain BeltMetallic chain belt.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900020Waist Dagger of OrientUniquely designed waist accessory dagger that came from far Orient.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900030Amy's Sibyl Waist CapeAmy's sibyl waist cape when she was an Ancient KurtzPel.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900040Ribbon Waist BandUnmatching length ribbon waist band.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900050Folded Ribbon Waist BandLarge ribbon waist band made by folding 2 large ribbons together.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900060Elenoa Plated Armor Shin ProtectorPlated armor shin protector made of steel from Elenoa.FALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam
#900070Guardian's Plated Shin GuardsN/AFALSETRUEBelt/WaistView on Steam