This is based on Steam Market / Early Access version. Will be expanded by non-marketable items.


IDIconNameDescriptionTradeableMarketableTypeSteam Market Link
#100000Marian's Wizard CapeWizard's cape worn by Marian. It is one of the uniform capes of Tirion Mage Guild.FALSETRUEBackView on Steam
#100010Wings of GargantaWings of the Giant Magical Beast Garganta.FALSETRUEBackView on Steam
#100020Calamity's CapeCape imbued with the spirits of the Calamity.FALSETRUEBackView on Steam
#890000Cuddling CatCute and spotted cat that stimulates desire for cuddle.FALSETRUEBackView on Steam
#890010Winged CapePremium cape that glitters with metallic wing.FALSETRUEBackView on Steam
#890020Gold Lion CapeCape with gold lion insignia, the symbol of authority and bravery.FALSETRUEBackView on Steam
#890030Vanguard CloakA Cloak for Vanguards charging at the forefront of battle.FALSETRUEBackView on Steam