Early Access Update Stream #6 Notes 6/7/2019

Early Access Update Stream #6 Notes 6/7/2019

Here are the key points for Early Access Update Stream 6:

Early Access Update Stream #6 Notes

1) The devs are looking into the possibility of ranking resets and seasonal rewards for PvP.
2) No news on Belgium, Netherlands or Isle of Man yet.
3) Silver Wing Knights compensation costumes should be sent out sometime this week.
4) Speech bubbles, friends lists, emotes, and ping system are coming in the future.
5) A new, more difficult PvE mode is coming in the future.
6) There may be items swapped out of current Supply Boxes in place of new ones in the future.

Please be sure to relay feedback. Provide constructive Feedback with video proof as this will work in your favor so that they can address things properly. GMs are always listening.

Be sure to follow the Stream at Twitch to get all the latest news for Early Access and check out the VOD for the streams. Lastly, Be sure to join the Discord to participate in polls and engage with the community (Just be sure to read #faq and #questions pinned before asking “Why can’t I download the game!”)!

[Official] Fight Nights Tournament #1 – $500+ prize pool, viewer rewards and events

[Official] Fight Nights Tournament #1 – $500+ prize pool, viewer rewards and events


It’s time for the details for the First KurtzPel Tournament!
Link to tournament page: https://smash.gg/tournament/kurtzpel-fight-nights-1/details

Fight Nights Discord – Join now!


1st Place – $300 Steam Gift Card
2nd Place – $150 Steam Gift Card
3rd Place – $50 Steam Gift Card Prizes will be shared between partners – so $150 each for 1st Place and so forth.
All Participants as a Participation Prize will also receive a Advanced Supply Box – Costume for entering.

But when is this Tournament? It’ll happen at 2:00 PM PT – Saturday 1st June 2019!

[Event] Viewers get rewarded!

Hello Chasers!

We are having our very first KurtzPel PVP Tournament on June 1st!
Make sure that you are watching the Stream between the hours of @ 5PM ~ 6PM PDT on June 1st.
If we reach a total Twitch Viewer of 2,500 at any given time, we will be sending everyone GLOBALLY a special necklace!
Wheel of Truth Necklace will only be available through this event and this event only so even if you cannot play KurtzPel because you live in EU or Asia, make sure to check out the stream so you can receive this prize on June 5th when KurtzPel is open globally to all players! See you all there!

Tune in at Twitch.tv/KurtzPelTV

Early Access Update Stream #5 Notes 5/31/2019

Early Access Update Stream #5 Notes 5/31/2019

Early Access Update Stream 5 Notes

*This one is a short one compared to last Stream, mostly Q/A. Let’s get into it: *

1) Back Attack will likely not return
2) Aerial escapes will likely not make it into the game. The devs are looking into other ways of balancing infinite combos.
3) If pets were implemented, they won’t have any sort of functionality.
4) Workshop has been considered but they need to weigh the benefits.
5) Air recovery didn’t exist in the game prior so if it were to be implemented, it might completely destroy the balance of the game so if they were to implement it, it would have to be done in a certain way.
6) No ETA for new races.
7) GM Pie is going to try to get a roadmap for things that will come for upcoming streams and possible release times for new content.
8) GM Pie would like to focus more on DM/current modes before expanding on to new modes.
9) The guild system is being worked on.
10) It is unsure if a traditional dungeon will be implemented but its possible.
11) Its possible DM may be the only mode for rank climbing but not at the moment.
12) They’re looking into the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. issue. For now please be patient and bare with them.
13) There will be tournaments for every region eventually.

Tournament on June 1st at 5 PM Pacific Time (PDT). Be sure to tune in! There’ll be a global reward, the Wheel of Truth Necklace, that will be given to all players once the stream reaches 2500 concurrent viewers!