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Hello, my name is Tsurata, I’m doing website projects for mmos/online games to help out the players. I do this out of my passion towards gaming and I love to learn new things. I will be trying to keep this site as updated and knowledgeable as I can, so it can serve a purpose.
Keeping the lights up costs money, therefore if you would like to support what I do and help with giveaways and costs, you could do it by becoming a patron(it’s just $1, I’ll also try to do some exclusive content for patrons and list them in here as supporters) or you can donate directly through paypal. But even if you are out of money, you can help my disabling AdBlockers on the site, I promise to keep advertisements minimal.

This website is for KOG’s upcoming dual action MMORPG called KurtzPel, the main goal is to help and unite the english community.

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