Best Karma to pair with Fist? (PvP)

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Tue Feb 05, 2019 5:38 am

For pvp, I was thinking that either sword or bow would be good to pair with fist.

Sword for the leap skill, since it would be effective to get right in the face of ranged attackers, and the stun skill for obvious reasons.

Bow for nice and quick ranged attacks.

The Fist skills I plan on using are:

Great Rush (Nice stam regen, can combo into command skills, can isolate target)

Great Wind (Stam regen, can combo into command skills)

Instant Chase (Combo into command skills, can chase after ranged attackers when they try to evade or run away)

After watching YT vids featuring fists, I noticed that ranged weps will try their best to avoid close combat and run away or evade, for obvious reasons. So Instant Chase paired with either Sword's Leap skill - or just using a bow for when they run away would be good counters.

I'd consider using mage as a sub for their nukes, high MP pool, and ability to mp regen, but they're slow and are currently meta af. I'd rather try and go a versatile anti meta if possible for pvp. Def would use mage for pve tho.
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Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:47 am

i feel exaclty the same on this subject. Th combos connect and juggle well using it with something long range makes it even better. only thing is cooldown on the skills would get in the way of another karma's skill.
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